If I insert it in the earphone jack of the smartphone I will actually hang the strap hole "Pluggy Lock" which hangs a weight of 3 km Review

There was almost certainly a strap hole in the feature phone, but this strap hole does not exist in many smartphones, which are now mainstream of mobile phones. Although it is not absolutely necessary, there is no need to do something that you want This strap hole can easily be attached to a smartphone "Pluggy Lock"It is possible to fix it firmly to the earphone jack so that it can not come off even if you hang a weight of 3 kg or more.

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◆ Photo review
"Pluggy Lock"Call for investment at KickstarterBecause I had it, I made a contribution and got more than one thing.

From the left, they got aluminum sharpened silver, black, chrome and gold in four colors.

Aluminum shaved silver is the cheapest and available Pluggy Lock. It is a color very similar to the iPhone's silver.

Black looks like a mat that does not reflect much light.

Pluggy Lock made of anodized chrome on the surface reflects light with glittery surface.

And this is a gold shiny gold.

When using, pull the strap hole on the left side of the photo, take out the main body from the case ......

To the earphone jack ......


Afterwards, turning around the strap hole clockwise until the Pluggy Lock disappears from the earphone jack OK.

Attach "Pluggy Lock" to the earphone jack - YouTube

If you attach a strap to this, it feels like this.

Besides, if you attach a neck strap, you can also hang smartphone from the neck.

Hanging like this. It is easy to install as uneasy as "Can not really slip out of earphone jack?"

Of course it is also possible to use Pluggy Lock inserted in a terminal other than iPhone.

Normally, there are gaps around black rubber parts like this though ....

By turning around the strap hole, metal parts at the tip will rise, the rubber part will deform and stick to the inner wall of the earphone jack, so Pluggy Lock will not come out of the earphone jack.

So, when rubber parts are deformed, Pluggy Lock will not be inserted in the earphone jack.

Also, since the strap hole part of Pluggy Lock is large, if you attach a case to your smartphone, you need to be aware that Pluggy Lock may not be inserted securely.

If you do not use Pluggy Lock, it is ok if you put it in a case that houses the main body, but since the case and the main body are stuck with a magnet, there is no such thing as the main body falling like a bowl.

Pluggy Lock and main body storage case stick with magnet - YouTube

◆ I checked how firmly the Pluggy Lock is fixed
I found out that Pluggy Lock can be used as an ordinary strap hole, so I was concerned about how firmly it would be fixed to the earphone jack, so I tried hanging various things.

First we decided to hang it with a weight of 170 gGALAXY S5 ACTIVE.

Insert Pluggy Lock into this earphone jack, turn around the strap hole and secure firmly.

Then, I attached a neck strap to Pluggy Lock, I tried to shake the neck strap daringly with GALAXY S5 ACTIVE dangling.

I tried installing Pluggy Lock on GALAXY S5 ACTIVE - YouTube

Although I tried swinging smart phone considerably intensely, Pluggy Lock did not come out of earphone jack at the level of the weight of smartphone.

· Laptop PC
In order to hang more heavy things next, the notebook PC that I use every day at work "Let's Note CF-SX 2I will attach a Pluggy Lock and try to hang it.

The weight of Lettsnote is 1384 g, which is about 8 times the weight of the previous GALAXY S5 ACTIVE.

Insert Pluggy Lock into the earphone jack part of this.

Passing a neck strap through Pluggy Lock attached to Let's Note earphone jack, lifting it is like this.

When you attach Pluggy Lock to your laptop, this way - YouTube

Pluggy Lock never slipped out of the earphone jack even if you hang a Let's Note of 1 kg or more.

· 3 kg
Because I am impatient, I tried hanging the limits of 3 kg that I could withstand Pluggy Lock.

We use 2 1.5 liter unopened evangans to use.

Since the weight per piece is 1550 g, it becomes 3100 g (3.1 kg) with two.

That's why I tried lifting a 3 kg weight on Pluggy Lock and I can see it from the following movie.

I tried lifting a 3 kg weight with "Pluggy Lock" - YouTube

It is Pluggy Lock which inserts easily to any earphone jack, but it was possible to fix firmly to the earphone jack part just by turning around the strap hole part, it was possible to hang a weight of 3 kg or more. Also, even if you plugged in Pluggy Lock on your smartphone and hanging from the neck all day, Pluggy Lock will not fall out of the smartphone and if you fix it securely, Pluggy Lock will come out in everyday life It looks unlikely.

However, if you put a heavy load on the earphone jack with a Pluggy Lock fixed, some earphone jacks made it difficult for Pluggy Lock to escape, so slowly do not get in the way and slowly pull the strap hole of Pluggy Lock Turn counterclockwise and remove it slowly if OK.

In addition, Pluggy Lock can be purchased from the $ 19 (about 2200 yen) on the official page, and the shipping fee is 9.9 dollars (about 1100 yen).

Pluggy Lock® - The official website

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