Google Official SIM Lock Fleece Maho Photo & Movie Review until you can actually use "Nexus 4"

8 megapixel main camera on 4.7 inch display, CPU to QualcommSnapdragon S4 Pro, 2 GB of memory, 16 GB of main body capacity, wireless charging is possible, furthermore because it is SIM lock free so if you insert a SIM card overseas even domestically, you can use the Internet environment Android 4.3 with Google official smartphone "Nexus 4"is. I started getting released in Japan from August 30 (Fri), so I actually got it and tried it.

Nexus 4 - Google

◆ Photo review
Nexus 4 is in this box.

A black box appeared inside ... ...

Open this and discover Nexus 4

The body looks like this.

At the beginning, the seat was affixed to the main body, and the location of the power button and the volume button was marked on this.

Peel off the sheet and feel like this.

With a hand you can firmly grip with this feeling, the weight is about 139 g.

USB Sync / Charging Cable · AC Adapter · SIM Eject Tool · Quick Start Guide for accessories of the main body.

On the back side is like this, the battery has a lithium polymer battery of 2100 mAh.

Camera with 8 megapixel at the back upper part and flash at the back part.

Earphone jack on the top.

The MicroUSB port used for charging and USB synchronization is on the bottom.

The volume control button is located on the left side.

Below that there was a slot to insert a SIM card.

And the power button on the right side.

Fingerprints are not conspicuous on the display.

The appearance has finished watching, so switch on immediately!

Nexus series icons emerge at startup.

When turning on the power for the first time, the letters of Welcome are displayed and it is necessary to make various settings.

The home screen looks something like this, OS is equipped with Android 4.2.

The corners and sides are rounded and chamfered to fit hands.

The overall rounded design.

GIGAZINE editorial department who is recommended to book "Recommended for you" when you are watching the home screen ......

Refresh yourself from my library on the home screenHeartI will read ......

Like this.

The character input which I have in hand is also Swiss.

Looking at the website of GIGAZINE is like this.

You can see what the actual Nexus 4's operation feeling is if you look at the following movie.

The feeling of operation of Nexus 4 is like this - YouTube

Furthermore, I tried Galaxy S4, Nexus 4, iPhone 5 from the left. Nexus 4 is a size feeling like Galaxy S4 is shrunk slightly vertically.

◆ Benchmark test with PassMark PerformanceTest
PassMark PerformanceTestWe tried the benchmark test using.

The numerical value on the left side is the benchmark result of Galaxy S4, the right side is the result of Nexus 4. This is Nexus 4's crushing defeat.

◆ I inserted a SIM card
First, turn off the terminal.

Next, insert the attached metal part in a small hole next to the slot of the SIM card ......

The SIM card slot pops out.

Then prepare SIM cards that can be used with SIM free terminals. This timeB-mobileofSmart SIMLet's try using.

Of the cards in this ... ...

This part is the SIM card.

Put this in the Nexus 4 SIM card slot.

Turn on the power again and tap "Settings" of the application.

Tap "Other" in "Wireless and network".

Tap "Mobile network".

Tap "Access point name".

Then tap the "+" icon at the top right of the screen.

In the open screen, enter "APN" "user name" "password" written in smart SIM "authentication type" OK.

Successful communication with only mobile communication without Wi-Fi!

This time purchased with Yodobashi camera, the price was 49,800 yen including tax. Bukkake, buying nearly 50,000 yen and buying it is like "?" - Google LGE 960.AJPNBK [SIM Free Smartphone Google (TM) Nexus 4 SIM Free Terminal Black with Android (TM) 4.3]] [Free Delivery]

on the other handSIM lockable Nexus 5 that can be purchased from Japan, 16GB is 39,800 yen (including tax and shipping fee), 32GB is 44,800 yen (including tax and shipping fee).

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