Actual measurement I tried using 14 g ultra-light aluminum bumper "RECTA" for iPhone 5

Cases and bumpers for iPhone 5 using aluminum die casting technology for automobile parts production are "RECTA(Lecta) "series. The bumper seems to be designed to enjoy a unique texture of aluminum while maintaining strength while being lightweight about 14 g in weight, so I borrowed the real thing and tried photographing every corner.

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"RECTA iPhone 5 bumperThere are color variations of silver, white, black.

"RECTAAll series are made in Japan.

The actual weight of bumper only is about 14 grams.

Screw hole at the corner of the case.

For installation, use the included hexagonal wrench.

When installing, place the iPhone on the part under the bumper.

Then put the upper part OK.

Just screw the four corners afterwards. Even for the first time it is a work that ends in 1 or 2 minutes.

When the installation is over it is like this.

Bumper will not interfere with the rear camera.

You can use volume buttons on the side with the bumper on.

Although it is designed to be able to press the sleep button on the top, it makes it difficult for a finger to enter a little.

The bottom is like this.

You can connect the Lightning terminal and earphone while attaching the bumper.

Please check the appearance when you actually attached it to iPhone 5 below. RECTA iPhone 5 Bumper Silver (3980 yen including tax)

The state before installation.

Simple appearance just polished aluminum.

It looks like this when I installed it on the iPhone. RECTA iPhone 5 Bumper White (3980 yen including tax)

White looks like a plastic at first glance, but the material is aluminum.

Looking up it is like this.

There is a sense of unity as it matches the color of the body. RECTA iPhone 5 Bumper Black (3980 yen including tax)

Before installation.

The corner part is like this.

The included screws are also black.

A state after installation. RECTA iPhone 5 case diamond (7,980 yen including tax)

The case type which became able to cover the back side "RECTA".

The lower part is designed to cover the entire back of the iPhone.

The measured weight is about 32 grams.


The front is the same as the bumper type.

RECTA iPhone 5 Bumper Shiny Silver Purple (to be released mid March, 2013)

Color painted version that production is currently underway.

Contents is like this.

Shiny appearance.

I tried installing it on iPhone.

That's why I do not want to wear a case on my iPhone and make it look rusty or heavy, but if you say that you really want to keep the guard on the terminal "RECTAIt seems to be good to use a combination of protective film and series.

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