Protect iPhone with extremely thick aluminum plate "1 inch armored case" real meter strike review

The accident that "The screen cracked when I dropped the iPhone!", "Cracked in the liquid crystal when I hit it"! So, a lot of shock-resistant accessories and films are on sale, but it says "the world's heaviest, the hardest"1 inch armored case(50,000 yen including tax) "regardless of anything going on ignorance of portability and the like, even if it may be shot with a rifle," iPhone "to protect the product specialized in impact resistance . This time it is the selling sourceMarutaiSince I was able to provide the real thing from it, I decided to thoroughly hurt and check its defense strength.

◆ Photo review

A package of black one color.

When opening the lid, cases wrapped in vinyl are lining up.

The mounting procedure is three steps: attaching rubber cover, fitting on front cover, screwing armor plate.

The contents are like this. Since a dedicated wrench for screw fastening is included, it is not necessary to prepare a separate tool etc.

Weight is 1908 grams on the back armor plate only. It becomes about 2.1 kilometers when fitting the front cover and the screw, and it becomes heavier than the laptop of the same size.

Having armor plate in hand, I feel the weight and weight.

The thickness is 1 inch (2.54 cm), according to the manufacturer it seems that it can withstand direct hits of 50 caliber (12.7 mm) bullets.

Aluminum is cut off from the front cover.

There are thicknesses that surpass the general iPhone case only with this part.

A rubber inner case that plays a role as a cushioning material is like this.

Because it is a stretchy material, it can be installed just by pressing the iPhone.

It will be OK if it becomes as follows.

Fit it further into the metal front cover.

I have to put in considerable efforts, but I can install it perfectly.

Afterwards with the armor plate on the back ... ....

I will screw it.

Since it only tightens four screws with a wrench, it is a level work that can be done without problem even by people who are not good at work and so on.

When the installation is completed it is like this.

The size is 138 in width × 81.8 in width × 39.6 mm in thickness.

I can not see the iPhone at all if the display can not be seen.

Looking from the side it looks like this.

The back is like this.

There is a hole in the part where there is a Dock terminal and a speaker properly.

Cables can be connected without problems.

It is a mass of metal.

SomehowBilliard tableLooks like it.

Comparing the thickness with the iPhone 4 will be as follows.

Size that can be grasped by the hands of adult men.

For one, it is also possible to hold one hand in landscape orientation ... ....

You can also put it in your pocket ... ....

Since the sound on / off switch and the volume control button are completely buried in the indentation of the case, there is no choice but to stick with a long stick and operate.

The home button is located ahead in a single step, but you can push it without problems.

Headphone jack can also be used normally.

The camera part is covered with translucent parts which are considered to be made of silicon.

The pictures taken with the iPhone in the case are as follows. The surroundings become dark in a circular shape, and the focus becomes slightly sweeter.

◆ Impact test

First of all, I will hit the side and front cover with metal hammer.

I hit a "1 inch armored case" made of extremely thick aluminum plate with a hammer - YouTube

As it was the first time, there was also something I knocked out, not only the operation of the main body was not affected, and noticeable scratch was not even attached to the surface.

I took it on the asphalt and said, "I will not question the price of this cover in such a thing!", So I decided to try and throw it out thoroughly with two people.

I hit a "1 inch armored case" with two people using a hammer - YouTube

As I shot a few times, the surface has considerable scratches, but the operation of the terminal itself has not been affected at all.

Finally, I decided to try bashindsin with something like bar that was in the editorial department. In the following movies, I have made a few swings in the sky, but this is because Kore did not control the weight and was not able to control the weight of the bar, so I was hitting so hard.

I tried a "1 inch armored case" with a thing like a bar - YouTube

Ultimately, the cover became full of scratches, and as I dented a part, I stole Metta, but the terminal inside was safe.

It is a recommended case for those who want to protect "iPhone 4 / 4S" from physical shock anyway because it is negligible for portability and easy grip.

Since the display part is unprotected, it will be instantly out when an impact is applied to this part. "BUFFIt is recommended to paste the shock absorbing film such as ".

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