Baked in front of you, you can also order grilling and dressing Kihachi-zu's "Mitarashi dumpling" Tasting review

The name "Kiyasu (Kiyasu)" is attached at the time of establishment, "It is a great pleasure to everyone in Yasu (Japan) by the confectionery industry" and since the establishment in 1948, already 60 Because I have a history over a year, which sweets are of a considerable level, among them the greatest thing is "Mitarashi dumpling"is.

According to the explanation of the official website, "Dumplings mixed steamed rice flour and rice flour with steady balance are cooked with strong direct flame after receiving your order.When the surface has brown scorching aroma, The sauce is a unique tailor made using Kagawa prefecture spicy soy sauce and white rosin soup with high quality kelp from Hokkaido Akkeshi.The shape of the dumplings is changed to cylindrical shape It is because it is easy to be browned when it is broiled and also to improve the entanglement of sauce. "When I actually tried it, I went to the shop to see what kind of flavor and flavor it is.

Kihachozumi Honpo

There are 12 shops located mainly in Osaka, but this time we visited the head office located in Ozaki City Yodogawa Ward. The detailed address is "Osaka prefecture Osaka shi Yodogawa-ku Higashimoto-cho 1 - chome 4 2"is.

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The nearest station is Hankyu Juzan Station, so heading by Hankyu train.

Arrived at Juzo station.

As soon as you leave the west gate, you can see the shop.

The appearance of the store looks like this. When ordering Mitarashi dumplings, arrange them inside the red rope.

There is a space in the shop that can be hung with small but it is possible to taste fresh Mitarashi dumplings on the spot.

I queued in the queue immediately. A clerk is jeeping dumpling juice just beside the row.

It is like this where you are baking.

As the row goes up, you can see where you are grilling at a short distance and you can observe what you ordered in real time. We tell orders to the baked shop clerk, but at this time it is also possible to ask about baking adjustment such as making too much brown. The price is 88 yen per one.

Those baked are put into sauce like this.

Completion when plenty of sauce entangled.

We will be able to obtain Mizusure dumplings of Hoya Joya at once.

Here is an ordinary one with grilling. Due to the cylindrical shape, it is difficult for sagging to drip.

Sauce is sweet with rich taste, and the fragrant flavor of sweet rice dumplings is not sacrificed because there is no persistence, so you can enjoy rice dumplings tightly with aftertaste. In general Mitarashi dumplings, the sweetness of sauce has become the main taste, but here Mitarashi dumplings suggest that the fragrance of the baked roe is placed on the leading role.

Here is the one ordered with a lot of burns.

The amount of brown seaweed makes it easy for you to feel the fragrance strongly. However, there is no such thing that the taste seems to be thin, rather it is felt that the fragrance of the dumplings penetrates well into the sauce, and the taste seems to be deepening. However, it is said that this burning turns into bitterness over time, so it is recommended when you eat it immediately after you buy it.

The expiration date is only one day, but it is a reasonable deadline for this Mitarashi dumpling featuring freshly baked fragrance. Because it is a freshly made Mitarashi dumpling baked in front of you, if you are a "Mitarashi dango love", come and visit this place before you die and tell the high degree of perfection you should score that flavor into your soul is.

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