Dynamo that lights a bicycle light with no contact & zero friction "Magnic Light iC"

Using the rotation of the tire when spinning the bicycle to rotate the roller to generate electricity "Dynamo"You can turn on the light without power supply, but it is a difficulty that it is hard to get rid of with friction. Such dynamo by the rotation of the tire "Eddy currentUsing the magnetic force of 'zero friction' can generate electricity 'Magnic Light"is.

Magnic Light iC - Intelligent Contactless Bicycle Dynamo by Dirk Strothmann - Kickstarter

You can see how "Magnic Light iC" generates electricity and lights the light from the following movie.

"Everyone said that there is no dynamo that can generate electricity without touching the tires."

However, Dirk Strothmann developed a bicycle light "Magnic Light iC" that can generate electricity without touching the tires. Size is also quite small compared to normal dynamo.

Strothmann gently turns the bicycle tire with Magnic Light iC ... ...

At the moment of turning the LED light is on. The brightness of the LED is 160 lumens.

Because it is waterproofed, it is safe to run in the rain or along the coast.

Magnic Light iC is made sturdy enough to withstand use in harsh environments such as decorative roads, not only has no contact with tires, it also has no cables or batteries.

In addition to the front light, there is also a tail light type attached to the rear wheel.

Why Magnic Light iC can generate electricity without contact is due to this powerful magnet installed inside.

As the tire rotates, strong magnets cause eddy currents to generate magnetic fields. Since the magnet rotates in response to the rotating aluminum or steel of the rim, it is possible to generate electricity without contact.

In this way, even when playing cards between the Magnic Light iC and the tires, there is no point of contact and power generation will not stop. The rim works if it is made of metal such as aluminum, but it does not work with carbon rim, so it is necessary to be careful. However, if you use aluminum for the edge, it means that you can operate even carbon rims.

The company has previously investigated "non-contact dynamo"Magnic Light"Magnic Light iC has built-in IC chip, so" Energy control function "which controls the flashing / turning off of light by tire speed is installed.

If you invest $ 69 (about 7000 yen) in Kickstarter's project, you can get either one of Magnic Light iC front light or tail light, eachV brake,Caliper brake,Magura brake,Disc brakeYou can select one adapter for. The postage is free anywhere in the world, the deadline of investment is Japan time at 7:59 am on February 1 (Sat).

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