Electric skateboarding "Onewheel" that anyone with maximum speed of 20 km can easily steer

Google employeesGo to work on a skateboardAlthough it is said that there are many people to do, it is difficult for inexperienced people to ride a skateboard even though they think "I want to ride on a skateboard." Electric skateboard that can run at speed of 20 km / hour on both the stairs and the off road just by balancing on such a skateboard "Onewheel"The sale of it has begun.

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You can see what kind of product Onewheel is by seeing the following movie.

Onewheel: The World is Your Playground - YouTube

The board on which men are riding is "Onewheel." By balancing on the board, you can continue to advance without kicking the ground. A mechanism that allows you to move forward as you tilt loose forward and back when you tilt backward.

Because there is a big tire, it is possible to get down steps such as stairs and sidewalks. Because it absorbs shocks, it should be harder to fall than a general skateboard.

There is a light in front and behind, you can see from the back that the red lamp is on. In this way it is safe to show your whereabouts even at night.

Onewheel can also travel off-road like a deckbok that can not run on skateboards.

Moreover, because it is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof design it is safe to run wild on the puddle.

Even if the power supply is on, there is no chance that it will proceed without permission unless a person is on board.

Although the skateboard may get out of speed as much as it gets caught, Onewheel can adjust safely because it can adjust the maximum speed, acceleration, and cornering with the smartphone application.

It is Onewheel which operates with electric power, but you can see how the switch is on from the following movie.

Onewheel Tutorial: Basic Charging - YouTube

When you want to run, press the power switch like button on the side of the side OK.

Insert a special plug into the socket on the opposite side for charging.

The adapter has an LED indicator, and it lights red during charging.

If it turns green, you can see that the battery is full.

Onewheel is 2000 WBrushless Hub MotorIt is possible to run a distance of 4 miles to 6 miles (about 6.4 km to 9.6 km). The maximum speed is about 19 km / h,Regenerative brake· Intelligent LED system · Equipped with self-balancing system. If you charge about 20 minutes, the battery will be full.

Onewheel is accepting pre-ordering. As with Segway, you can not run on public roads in Japan, but shipping to Japan is also possible. The price is Onewheel + charger set is 1499 dollars (about 178,000 yen), shipping to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 300 (about 35,000 yen). When ordering, it is necessary to pay 500 dollars (about 60,000 yen) on the day from within the price as a deposit, and the remaining 999 dollars (about 119,000 yen) and the shipping cost will be charged at the time of shipping the order It will be shipped in about 8 weeks.

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