Back pack "Movpak" that can run at speed of 32 km with electric skateboard

The electric skateboard that can be put in and taken out is installed, and the backpack that enables usage according to the situation of riding, shouldering, pulling is "Movpak"is. Furthermore, it has a function that it is useful to charge from mobile devices and to prevent theft by dedicated application, ranging from everyday life to traveling.

Movpak: Electric Vehicle & Backpack In One | Indiegogo

A number of functions of "Movpak" are explained in the following movie.

Movpak Indiegogo Campaign - YouTube

The backpack on which men are carrying is Movpak

It has a tire at the bottom and changes to a carry case if placed on the ground.

If you operate a dedicated remote control ......

I went to Switzerland without kicking the ground as an electric skateboard. Equipped with tail light and front light that can run safely even at night.

The state that put out the board is like this

The motor is built in the wheel part.

The way to put out the board is very simple, lifting the backpack ......

The board slid out of the backpack. You can hold the board so that it does not jump out, but if you release it, you will be able to ride with one action. The maximum load of the board part is about 108 kg.

After getting on board, store the board ... ...

It is possible to leave immediately without looking for parking lots. However, since the weight is about 7.7 kg, it may be a bit strict to put the baggage when carrying baggage ... ....

The maximum speed is 20 miles per hour (about 32 km / h). Bags and motors are subjected to a simple waterproofing process, and if they are light rain they are possible to run, but there is a possibility that they may break down if they are pouring down.

In addition, Movpak has a dedicated application, and it provides Bluetooth connection between Movpak and smartphone to provide various functions.

You can talk to Siri, or Google Now through a microphone while driving while driving directions.

You can play your favorite music from the built-in speaker.

Built-in battery becomes full charge in 2 hours if it is wall outlet, and can travel for 10 miles (about 16 km). Voltage 100 ~ 240v · Current 2.0A · Power frequency 50 / 60hz, Universal design that can be recharged in many countries including Japan. Be careful as it is difficult to get on like a regular skateboard if the battery runs out. However, because the regenerative brake is adopted, it can recover the battery to some extent while driving.

There is a USB port near the handle ... ...

It is also possible to charge smartphones and tablets from the built-in battery. Wireless charge pocket is also on the side, and if it is a wireless charging correspondence smartphone, charging will start just by thrusting into the pocket.

The tracking device is also built in, and if the backpack leaves unknowingly due to theft or the like, the connected smartphone detects and sends a notification.

I was able to track my location information and find my own Movpak.

The backpack has enough storage space.

Backpack is a replaceable design

Even with it removed from Movpak, it can be used as a normal backpack.

It is a backpack with various functions such as electric skateboard, smart suitcase and Bluetooth speaker. When collecting gadgets with these functions separately, the total amount will be over $ 2000 (about 220,000 yen).

On the other hand, Movpak can use all the functions collectively at a price of about half price.

In addition, Movpak once in 2014KickstarterAlthough it aimed at commercialization at the time, it has failed without reaching the target amount. This time, I improved the design and functions, started the project at Indiegogo, already collected over 300% of the target amount, so the momentum that can be commercialized this time. If you invest in a plan of 699 dollars (about 77,000 yen), you can get Movpak and you can select the color after your contribution. Product shipments are planned around September 2016, and shipping to Japan requires a separate $ 139 (about 15,000 yen). The deadline of investment is about June 15, 2016.

Movpak: Electric Vehicle & Backpack In One | Indiegogo

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