A real portable electric bicycle entering the backpack "Supospori" "Impossible"

We pursued the portable nature of folding bikes to the limit, and made it as big as fitting into rucksacks "Impossible"is. Because it is a rechargeable electric bicycle, it is not only small, it is easy to drive even when you are tired.

Impossible by Impossible Technology - Kickstarter

You can see how the size of Impossible is and how big it is, by seeing the following movies.

Impossible in a collapsed state

Looking from the front like this. I can not see it on the electric bicycle.

Open this to you ... ...

Extend and assemble the folded parts.

It gradually became like a ride.

Since the case for carrying can be used as a saddle, it will be completed if it is attached to the back side of the main body.

This is the completion drawing.

I do not have a pedal, but since it is electric, I will go on to Swissie even if I try hard. The battery is 2900 mAh 10 A 3.6 V, and it is possible to operate for 45 minutes at about 20 km / h. Speed ​​can be raised up to 25 km / h.

Impossible going forward with a sweeping path. We can withstand up to 85 kg, so even men can use it.

Up to now folding bikes had a limit even when folding.

When carrying it in a big bag dedicated.

With such a feeling, it becomes a baggage considerably.

However, Impossible is large enough to carry with one hand.

If it is folded up, it will enter Shibori in an ordinary backpack.

Also in the backpacks filled with laptops and magazines ......

This street. It realizes portability in a true sense.

It is waterproof so it is hard to get dirty and the contact for charging is attached with a cap so it can be used even in the rain.

This is a battery.

The battery is stored in the tire. Although it is planned that full charge will be possible in one hour and a half at this stage, it is possible that it may be changed in the future.

Impossible is currently recruiting investment for commercialization. It is a popular project where the target amount is 55,000 dollars (about 6.4 million yen), which is already collecting 19 million yen or more, so the probability of commercialization is extremely high.

You can get white or black original T-shirt with a contribution of $ 30 (about 3500 yen).

In order to get the Impossible body, you need to invest over $ 530 (about 62,000 yen), the color is original carbon fiber color. Shipment to Japan is also done, but shipping fee is not stated so it seems necessary to contact individually. Shipping is scheduled for August 2015.

The deadline is 2:59 on December 26, 2014 in Japan time.

Impossible by Impossible Technology - Kickstarter

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