A fierce man who has reproduced Smash Bros. on a calculator appears

There are many things that will surprise you, such as

reproducing Super Mario with 64 pixels, building the world of Ghibli with Minecraft, and expressing your love for games for gamers, but this time with TI Calculator, Nintendo's ' Super Smash Bros.' A fierce man who reproduces 'Brothers' has appeared.

Unofficial Demake Port Of Super Smash Bros Arrives On TI-83 / 84 Calculators | RetroCollect
https://web.archive.org/web/20141117234741/http://www.retrocollect.com/News/unofficial-demake-port-of-super-smash-bros-arrives-on-ti-8384-calculators. html

The TI calculator is a calculator that can draw graphs, and is often used by students in the United States and Europe. Also, since it can be programmed in the BASIC language called TI-BASIC, games that can be played on TI calculators such as Tetris and Minesweeper have also appeared.


Jen Gallardo

However, this time, Nintendo's game 'Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros. (commonly known as Smash Bros.)' has appeared in the 83 and 84 series of TI calculators.

At the time of writing the article, only two characters, Falco and Fox, can be used.

Since there are only two characters, it can't be a big brawl, but I have to take off my hat for the high reproducibility.

As shown in the image below, it also supports pulling angles and seems to entertain the player. The day when you can use the calculator to deliver the Falcon punch may be near.

The Smash Bros. for TI Calculator can be downloaded from the following.

TI-Planet | Super Smash Bros. Open (programme Jeux z80)


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