Saddle "Infinity Seat" which has been proved to be scientifically comfortable by fitting to any buttocks

Choosing a good saddle for cycling is an important choice. As long as you get on a hard saddle for a long time your butt gets pain, and as it becomes every day it may even have troublesome problems such as 'hemorrhoids'. A saddle that solves important saddle problems for such a bicycle has proved comfortable scientifically "Infinity Seat"is.

Infinity Seat - Revolutionizing the bicycle seat by Dr. Vincent Marcel, D.C. - Kickstarter

"I like bicycles," a man who rides a bicycle.

"But I can not like bicycle saddles."

Bicycles familiar to people since ancient times.

Tires and frames are continually improving on a daily basis.

But even in mountain bikes and triathlon bikes, the riding comfort of the saddle has not been improved with the power of tires and frames.

Infinity Seat was created to solve the problem of such a saddle.

Mr. Vincent, the producer. It is a doctor who loves bicycles.

Vincent said that the problem of saddle so far is "discomfort to the ischial tuberosity" and "discomfort to the pubic bone".

Riding on the back side of the saddle compresses the ischial tuberosity ... ...

Moving forward will cause the pubic bones to be pressed and feel pain.

Infinity Seat weighs only 206 g.

Since the place where the ischial tubercles hit is hollowed out, it does not feel pressure or pain even if you sit.

I tested which parts of the saddle are burdened the most by the bicycle analysis laboratory ... ...

In the general saddle on the left side, the sitting part is yellow to red, indicating that you feel heat, pressure and pain. In Infinity Seat on the right side, you can see that there is no burden on the ischial tuberosity at all.

Besides black, red has white as well.

Free size that everyone can use from women to men.

In addition, you can get one Infinity Seat color from three colors with a capital contribution of $ 125 (about 12,500 yen). Four stickers are also bundled as an extra. We plan to ship in December, shipping outside the United States requires a separate $ 25 (about 2500 yen).

In addition, since it is already over $ 155,000 (approx. 1439 million yen), which far exceeds the target price of 25,000 dollars (about 2.48 million yen), it is almost certain that the product will be commercialized and the deadline for investment is Japan time It is until 1:56 on November 16, 2013.

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