Human power advancing by stepping exercise Segway style tricycle "Me-Mover"

Electric motorcycleSegwayIt was a clean new ride not using gasoline and was attracted attention due to the unique appearance that it always gets on stand but it is unnecessary to use gasoline and battery as well and combines Segway and kickboard which can move to Swissy just by stepping on Such a three wheel vehicle "Me-MoverKickstarter is seeking investment.

New, compact, step-driven vehicle. It's your move! By Me-Mover - Kickstarter

You can see what kind of ride "Me-Mover" is by seeing the following movie.

A woman walks steadily as you step on.

Such Me - Mover is a new means of transport with three wheel tires attached to parts like bicycle frame.

Me-Mover is a mechanism to drive a tire by stepping on ... ...

Exercise equipmentStepperYou can move with just like stepping on.

The speed can be adjusted to walking speed, running speed and bicycle speed, so it is perfect for near town riding.

It does not require any power such as gasoline or battery, it is an environmentally friendly vehicle to move by human power.

You can see how you stepped on Me-Mover like this from the movie below.

Me-Mover Instruction Video - YouTube

First of all, adjust the height of the Me-Mover's handle up and down. The corresponding height is from 130 cm to 200 cm.

Next, put your foot on the pedal. Although it has a stiffness like a road bike ... ...

Since it is structured so that it slips out as soon as sliding sideways, it is possible to escape immediately in case of emergency.

As with a bicycle, you can change the direction by swinging the handle left or right, and decelerate / stop if you pull the brake attached to the handlebar.

To move forward with Me-Mover, just stepping on alternately as if you were on a stepper. Since it is not rotating as much as a bicycle tire, it will not be too dangerous to proceed too much.

Hold the steering wheel firmly and step on the pedal again and again, you can raise the speed, on the contrary, if you stepping in weakly few times you can go slowly. The maneuvering method can be remembered within 10 to 15 minutes.

Compact from a bicycle

The frame extending from the rear wheel is joined at the front wheel part, and when it is curved, it is supposed to tilt to the left and right.

When you finish using it you can fold and carry like this.

Loading weight can range from 35 kg to 110 kg, either on-road or off-road.

The speed can be adjusted from the walk to the maximum speed of the bicycle, and as the speed increases, the load increases, so it is specialized also for exercise and exercise purpose.

Size is 100 cm × 101 cm × 43 cm at the time of expansion, 110 cm × 35 cm × 43 cm at the time of folding. It can be folded in 15 seconds, with disc brake on the front and rear. The diameter of the tire is 12.5 inches, maximum speed 30 km. The material of the frame is aluminum alloy (Al - Mg - Si alloy T 6 - 6061), color is blue, red, black, white 4 colors, weight is 21 kg.

Me - Mover 's Kickstarter project gathered about 142,000 dollars (about 14.6 million yen) over the target amount of 100,000 dollars (about 10 million yen) at the time of article writing, and it is definitely commercialized. You can get one Me-Mover if you make a capital of $ 999 (about 100,000 yen) for the first 200 customers only, you can choose from 4 colors. In addition, with a capital of 25 dollars (about 2500 yen), a Me-Mover special drink bottle, a "quick folding handle" that can be folded in 1 second in addition to Me-Mover, "Electric support" to add an electric motor, shopping You can install any one of "Cargo Bikes / Add-ons" that will attach the car.

Also, when the investment reaches 150 thousand dollars (about 15 million yen), "Carry Strap", "Handle Light", "Reflector of Wheel, Pedal, Rear, Front" free to carry Me-Mover can be carried free Included with. In addition, the choice of handle grip color and smartphone holder will be added.

In addition, shipping to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 100 (approximately 10,000 yen). The deadline of investment is Japan time by 19:51 on Monday, April 28, 2014.

New, compact, step-driven vehicle. It's your move! By Me-Mover - Kickstarter

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