Full-fledged off-road bike "Motoped" which can run with both engine and human power

Equipped with a pedal like a bicycle on the body of a small motorcycle, you can run with both engine and human power "MopedThere is a ride called. OldClatteringThere was also a time when Moped, also called as the popular rides, was popular. A ride that has realized such a moped with a body of a full-scale off-road bike is "MOTOPED"is.


Motopeds by Moto Fusion - Kickstarter

What kind of ride MOTOPED is from the following movie.

The lightness of the mountain bike running around the mountains ......

And it has the charm of a motorbike with an engine ... ...

this"MOTOPED"is. At first glance it seems like a small off-road motorcycle, but under the engine you can see a pedal like a bicycle.

Up around the pedal is like this. Under the 50cc engine made by Honda, parts of pedals similar to those used for bicycles are equipped, and the pedal and the engine are connected by a chain to drive the tires.

Although it is a car body finished to a considerably slim body, it seems that the amount of stroke around the suspension required for off road driving has been taken a lot.

Since the engine body is sold separately, it is necessary to prepare by yourself, but it is said that it corresponds to engines from 50 cc to about 190 cc.

At the time of downhill running down the mountain slope with the engine turned off.

And when running in the city, it is a mechanism that allows driving with the engine.

It is convenient as a commuter motorcycle for commuting and commuting.

In the demonstration video, Willie running etc. are also shown and it seems possible to run acrobatic according to the choice of the engine.

Powerful running if you use the engine ......

Jump and so on are also possible.

It is not a moped like a family riding.

From the chilling run ... ....

It is MOTOPED which is also possible for wild running.

The basic set will be "Motoped Frame kit" here. The frame uses TIG welded chromoly rope and it is gray powder painted. 6061 aluminum steel is used for one swing arm, and the width between the arms (dropout width) is 135 mm.

Set includes a frame, a swing arm, a set of jackshaft (shaft for connecting pedal and engine), rear wheel hub (wheel axle) and exhaust muffler.

The output of the engine and the pedal are connected by the jackshaft like this. Since the jackshaft is arranged coaxially with the swing arm, the tension of the chain does not change even if the suspension strokes.

In the upper set,MarzocchiSuspension set for exclusive use made by company is also prepared.

It is an interesting part of this kit that you can choose parts other than the basic kit yourself, but it is kind that the semi-complete kit with almost all parts in the state close to the finished car is also prepared.

However, it is necessary to separately prepare seats, cowls, gasoline tanks and engines. Honda's original sports bike "XR50 motardYou can divert the parts of ".

The weight of the car you care about is about 55 kilometers. It is unknown whether it is the dry weight or the total weight of the car body.

Models of MOTOPED are introduced on the manufacturer's website, and there seems to be a way to enjoy MOTOPED.

This Moped homebrew kit "MOTOPED" is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWith about 80,000 dollars (about 8.35 million yen) of the desired amount, investment of about 300,000 dollars (about 31 million yen) is gathered at the time of writing the article. The basic set of Motoped Frame kit$ 688(About 72,000 yen), it is possible to get on, the set will be made by Marzokki suspension$ 1298(About 13,500 yen) has become. In addition, the semi-complete kit which sets parts other than the engine$ 1,700(About 177,000 yen) is prepared from. In addition, it costs $ 200 (about 21,000 yen) separately for dispatch to the United States.

The deadline of investment is 6:37 am Monday, December 23 in Japan time.

Motopeds by Moto Fusion - Kickstarter

By the way, as Motorized motorcycles are also domestic, there is a fear that they can only run on private land so that electric motorcycle Segway which is used as a ride that can be handled easily overseas is banned in Japan, so be careful .

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