Electric-assisted motor kit "Ego-Kits" photo & movie that will be able to run at 70 km / h just by attaching it to a bicycle

A motor kit that the electric bicycle is added to the commercially available mountain bike and it can be driven at the maximum speed of 70 km is "Ego-Kits"is.


EGO-Kits' photosets on Flickr

The greatest feature of this kit is1200 WIn terms of the fact that it carries the super high power motor called this specification, this specification is marketed in JapanHigh end sports type electric assisted bicycleIt is almost 5 times faster than that. It seems that it is possible to run without difficulty even on an uphill road of offroad, and it can be seen in the movie below that the bicycle is actually blowing up the mountain road.

EGO-Kits Productfilm HD - YouTube

◆ Product appearance

KONAThe state attached to the mountain bike of the company is as follows. Since the battery is in the backpack etc. and the human being is carrying on the back, the motor main body is very compact.

The weight of the motor is 3.2 kg. When using the supplied 48V lithium ion battery, it is possible to run using the electric assist function for a distance of up to approximately 40 km.

Looking from the side like this.

The motor operates in three modes, runs without any pedals like an electric motorcycle, assists power in conjunction with the pushing force of the pedal, runs off the resistance of the motor and runs like a normal bicycle, Can be used such as.

If you run like an electric motorcycle, speed can be adjusted by turning the throttle on the right side of the steering wheel.

◆ Using it

If you are pedaling with human power alone, you can easily reach by using the assistance of the motor even in places where it is going to be extremely hard to reach.

For flat roads and competition coursesmotocrossYou can go off-road at high speed and jump like.

A movie that demonstrates that you can fly a distance of about 25 m if you use a special jump table can be seen below.

EGO Kits Wolrldrecord final - YouTube


Willy run.

You can also divide in the forest and run.

"Ego-KitsThe scene of blowing up with a bicycle fitted with a first-person camera has also been uploaded to YouTube, and it is a content that can experience a feeling that it is no longer a complete ride that is beyond the bicycle area. In addition, at the beginning of this image, since the letters "It's uphill !!!" are displayed by balloons, it means that they are running up the mountain path with a sense of speed like downhill I understand.

EGO KIT Test 5 Gondel Tour Einstiegstrail - YouTube

After actually running the course "Ego-Kits"Mountain bike and rider man attached.

It seems to be covered with a dust lump but it does not seem to be damaged.

in Japan"Ego-Kits"When using the vehicle classification is inquired to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Automobile Technology Policy Policy Division" When the size is 2.5 × width × 1.3 × height 2 m or lessLight two wheelIt will be. " So, to run on a public road it is necessary to hold a corresponding driver 's license, obtain license plate, install direction indicator, etc, join in mandatory vehicle liability insurance, wear helmets, and so on, I do not seem to be able to ride casually.

In addition, detailed price etc are unknown but it is possible to estimate by sending the size etc. of the bicycle to be attached to the inquiry form on the following site.

Ego-Kits Order

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