A test drive review of the 3-wheel electric vehicle 'Noslis' that can run swiftly with outstanding stability, a finish that shines Kawasaki's craftsmanship while supporting a wide range of needs

Kawasaki Heavy Industries , which is known as a manufacturer of motorcycles and ships, has introduced a three-wheel electric vehicle ' noslisu'. Not only does the total of three wheels, two front wheels and one rear wheel, achieve outstanding running stability, but it is also a simple and lightweight machine that is easy for women and the elderly to handle. Since I had the opportunity to test drive such a Noslis, I have confirmed the stability of driving with three wheels and the comfort of driving assistance of the motor.

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◆ Move to the test drive venue
◆ Electric assist type 'NB-01': Photo review
◆ Electric assist type 'NB-01': Test drive review
◆ Fully electric type 'NA-01': Photo review
◆ Fully electric type 'NA-01': Test drive review
◆ Summary

◆ Move to the test drive venue
I came to JR Nishi-Akeishi station to test drive Nosurisu. From here, walk to Kawasaki Heavy Industries' Akashi Factory .

A few minutes walk from the station, we arrived at the Nishidori Gate of the Akashi Factory.

From the gate, you can see the Kawasaki Heavy Industries building.

This time, we will test drive the electric assist type 'noslisu NB-01 ' (left) and the fully electric type ' noslisu NA-01 ' (right) on the test course in this Akashi factory.

◆ Electric assist type 'NB-01': Photo review
First of all, I will try riding the electric assist type NB-01. The NB-01 has a unique design with a total of three wheels, two front wheels and one rear wheel. In addition, the material of the frame is chromoly , and it is said that it has sufficient strength while being slender. The NB-01 to be tested this time is a prototype, so there are some differences in design from the product version.

Seen from the front, it looks like this. The body itself is mostly a bicycle, but it features two front wheels and a large basket.

The front wheels are designed to move up and down. This design enables stable driving even on uneven roads and sloping roads.

In addition, by tilting the wheels according to the vehicle body, both stability and smooth turning performance are achieved by the three wheels.

The mudguard attached to the wheel was adopted with reference to the opinions obtained at the test drive event.


disc brake is adopted as a brake.

The tilt of the wheels can also be locked by a mechanism that uses disc brake parts.

The handle moves separately from the basket like this. In addition, it is possible to put up to 20 kg of luggage in the basket.

The basket of the assisted tricycle 'noslisu NB-01' that is particular about loading is excellent in stability --YouTube

Since this basket is welded to the frame itself, the weight is not transmitted to the steering wheel even if you put heavy luggage in it, and it does not wobble while driving.

On the left hand side of the steering wheel, a rear wheel brake lever (left) and a lever that locks the tilt of the vehicle body (right) are mounted. Also, near each lever, there is a button that locks the brake.

You can lock each brake by pressing the button while holding the brake lever.

This locking mechanism allows the NB-01 to stay in place without a stand. In addition, the height of the frame is also low, so you can get on and off smoothly in a stable state.

Since the tilt of the car body can be locked, loading and unloading of heavy luggage is easy. To unlock it, just lightly grasp the brake lever.

A console for electric assist is mounted on the left hand side of the steering wheel. The console installed in the NB-01 that was tested this time is under development, and the design is different from the product version.

The rear wheel brake lever, bell, and shift lever are mounted on the right hand side of the steering wheel.

The saddle can be replaced with your favorite bicycle saddle.

The pedals can also be replaced to suit your taste.

A battery was attached to the bottom of the frame. The maximum cruising range of NB-01 is 50km. In addition, the mounting position of the battery will be changed in the product version.

Motors, gears, disc brakes, etc. are attached to the rear wheels.

The NB-01, which was tested this time, was equipped with a 7-stage transmission. Many parts of the NB-01, such as saddles, pedals, and transmissions, are made of bicycles and can be freely replaced according to the user's preference.

◆ Electric assist type NB-01: Test drive review
Now, let's actually get on the NB-01. First, turn on the battery.

Next, press the switch on the console for electric assist to turn on the motor.

Then, lightly grasp each brake lever to unlock it, and you're ready to go.

All you have to do is row like a regular bicycle. When you ride it, the stability of the three wheels is outstanding.

When I actually loaded about 10 kg of luggage on the NB-01 and ran, I enjoyed a light ride without feeling the weight of the luggage thanks to the electric assist.

When turning, the front wheels automatically tilt according to the vehicle body, giving a sense of stability that sets it apart from motorcycles. Also, thanks to the basket being fixed to the frame, it can turn stably even when heavy loads are loaded. According to the developer, the NB-01 also targets the 'silver generation who returned the car license', and it is convincing that the ride comfort that there is no worry of falling when decelerating or turning is 'for the silver generation'. ..

The Noslis battery is removable and can be charged from a household outlet. The electric assist type NB-01 can be fully charged in about 5 hours.

◆ Fully electric type NA-01: Photo review
Not only the electric assist type, but also the fully electric type 'NA 01' that can run only by the power of the motor is available. In addition, the classification of NA-01 under the

Road Traffic Act is 'ordinary car', and an ordinary car license is required to drive.

The NA-01 looks like this. In addition, this color is a prototype-only color.

The basic design of NA-01 is the same as that of the electric assist type NB-01, but the width of the front wheels is slightly wider and the basket is moved to the bottom. In addition, turn signals and mirrors have been added.

On the left hand side of the steering wheel, there are switches for alarms, turn signals, headlights, and motor output adjustment switches. In addition, this design is a prototype product, and the design will be changed in the NA-01 that is actually sold.

The throttle of the motor is mounted on the right hand side of the steering wheel.

The basket is welded to the frame, and the weight of the luggage is not applied to the handle, which is the same as NB-01.

At the rear, there is a base for back lamps and license plates.

The rear wheels are equipped with a large motor.

As for the brake, the disc brake for bicycle is adopted like the electric assist type NB-01.

◆ Fully electric type NA-01: Test drive review
Let's get on the fully electric NA-01. First, turn on the battery.

Then press the power switch on the handle.

When the power is turned on, the output, speed, and mileage of the motor are displayed on the display mounted in the center of the steering wheel. In addition. The information and design shown on the display is subject to change in the retail version.

After that, just push the throttle and it will start running. The key to smooth running is to pedal a little to start running.

The stability of the three wheels is the same as that of the electrically assisted NB-01, but the ride quality is completely different because you can drive with just the power of the motor without pedaling. The driving sound of the motor is also quiet. In the following movie, you can see how NA-01 is driving without pedaling at all.

Kawasaki's EV tricycle 'noslisu NA-01' running --YouTube

Next, let's drive with a total of about 10 kg of luggage. Since the fully electric type NA-01 basket is installed at a low position, heavy luggage can be easily loaded.

Even with a load of 10 kg, the motor exerted sufficient power, and it was possible to drive lightly without feeling any weight.

This time I ran a narrow test drive course, so the maximum speed was about 25 km / h, but according to the developer of Noslis, it is possible to drive on public roads at the same pace as a general car without problems. Also, since NA-01 is treated as an ordinary car, a helmet is not required by law, but it is recommended to wear a helmet just in case.

I shot the driving scene of Kawasaki's EV tricycle 'noslisu NA-01' with GoPro --YouTube

In addition, the fully electric type NA-01, like the electric assist type NB-01, has many parts made up of bicycle items, so it can be customized to suit the user's taste.

◆ Summary
As a result of actually test-driving the electric assist type NB-01 and the fully electric type NA-01, both Noslis felt outstanding stability with three wheels. Also, unlike a four-wheeled vehicle, you can enjoy sporty turning using the inclination of your body, so you can enjoy the fun of operating the machine. In addition, the brake lock mechanism makes it possible to safely get on and off and load and unload luggage, and it is also characteristic that you can customize the parts configuration to your liking. With a stylish and simple finish that shines with Kawasaki's technology when actually riding, it was a three-wheeled electric vehicle that can be recommended to a wide range of people from the silver generation who returned the license to those who are looking for an unusual vehicle.

In addition, Noslis has been crowdfunding since May 12, 2021, but 100 units of planned sales are sold out on the day of crowdfunding start. In the future, it plans to proceed with development based on the feedback obtained from the 100 Noslis sold. In addition, we are planning to actively hold test drive events, so if you want to test drive Nosris, it is recommended to check the official Nosris SNS account on

Twitter and Instagram.

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・ Continued
You can check the interview with the developer who created Noslis from the following.

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