Hybrid bike 'GFR-02' test drive review that can be both an electric bike and an electrically assisted bicycle

The 'Hybrid Bike GFR-02 ', a bike x bicycle that can be used as an electric bike by twisting the throttle and as an electric bike by pedaling, has appeared from the

mobility venture glafit. The power is 100% electric with only a lithium battery, and in bike mode it can achieve a maximum speed of 30 km / h, weighs only 20 kg, and can be folded, so I actually tried riding it.

GFR-02 | glafit | Graffit

The GFR-02 is a 100% electric hybrid bike that succeeds the 'GFR-01' that appeared in 2017. The biggest feature is that it has both the functions of a motorcycle and a bicycle, and it looks like a bicycle for the purpose of seeing it.

The body part equipped with the lithium-ion battery is thick, but the handle and frame are thin. The difference from a bicycle is that it has a rear-view mirror.

There is a license plate on the back. The classification is 'Type 1 motorized bicycle (type 1)', and it is essential to register the number, take out liability insurance, wear a helmet, carry a driver's license, etc. Driving on sidewalks and bicycle-only roads is NG, and you can only drive on the road even in bicycle mode.

It looks like this when I straddle it. The wheels are quite small as they can be folded.

Accessories are a battery charging cable and ...

Two types of keys. For the main body and rear wheel lock.

The handle is below. The left and right mirrors can be removed respectively.

The throttle lever, handbrake, and display are on the right side. You can run in bike mode by twisting the throttle toward you.

Press the power button in the middle to activate GFR-02 and turn on the headlights, taillights and display. From the top, the display shows the current running speed, various meters, running mode information, and you can also check the remaining battery level. When you press the button with the square mark on the top, the meter displayed on the display switches to the odometer, trip meter, and current battery voltage.

The GFR-02 is 100% electric and can be switched between three modes with different running powers, 'ECO', 'MID' and 'HIGH', with the 'M' button. ECO is a mode equivalent to a normal bicycle that does not respond even if you twist the throttle and does not perform electric assist. MID and HIGH are modes that can be operated as a motorcycle by twisting the throttle and also as a bicycle with electric assist, but their powers are different. The maximum speed of MID mode in bike mode is about 10km / h, and the maximum speed of HIGH mode is about 30km / h, so you can get different power assist even when you pedal. When you turn on the power, it always starts in ECO mode.

The left side has a handbrake, turn signal switch, and horn switch.

The blinker switch and horn switch look like this. When you move the blinker switch to the left or right, you will hear a click and it will be fixed, and the blinker lamp will light up. To turn it off, manually return the switch to the center position.

The front wheels look like this. The tire size is 14 inches and the proper air pressure is 280kPa.

The pedals and rear wheels look like this. Disc brakes are used on both the front and rear wheels to protect them from mud. In addition, GFR-02 is not completely waterproof but waterproof for daily life, and if the internal electric circuit gets wet or the road is flooded, it may break down.

The rear wheel is equipped with a lock, and you can lock the tire by sliding while pressing the protrusion of the lock lever. If you lock it, the power of GFR-02 will be forcibly turned off, and you will not be able to turn it on unless you unlock it.

To unlock it, insert the key into the key hole near the rear wheel ...

The fingerprint authentication system 'Yubi Lock' is used.

There is a stand on the left side of the rear wheel.

The main frame with the lithium-ion battery looks like this.

There is a hole for charging on the left side, and you can charge it by inserting the charging cable here. You can also remove only the battery.

The saddle looks like this.

A taillight and turn signal lamp are placed between the saddle and the license plate.

When I hold the GFR-02 with both hands, it looks like this. The actual weight is about 20 kg, and the main body size is about 1250 mm in total length, about 600 mm in total width, and about 950 mm in total height. Although heavier than a bicycle, it is definitely lighter than a motorbike and has a good front and rear weight distribution, so it can be carried by one person.

GFR-02 is foldable, so we will actually fold it. First, fold the two mirrors inward.

Then lower the saddle to the bottom.

Then, remove the lever on the side of the main frame ...

Fold the body sideways.

It turned out to be something like this.

And finally, remove the lever of the handle part ...

Fold the handle vertically.

In the end, it looks like this. It is self-supporting with a saddle shaft and two tires. The size in this state is a total length of about 650 mm, a total width of about 450 mm, and a total height of about 600 mm. It took about 1 minute to fold.

If you fold the main unit sideways, you will be able to remove the battery from the frame.

The battery is locked, so put the key for the battery in the cylinder under the frame and turn it.

When you remove the key, the battery will slip out.

The battery that was pulled out is below. It weighs less than 1.8 kg and is actually measured to have a long side of about 32 cm, a short side of about 4 cm, and a height of about 8 cm.

The voltage is 36V and the capacity is 9.6Ah.

The actual weight is about 1.8 kg, and the actual size is about 32 cm on the long side, about 4 cm on the short side, and about 8 cm in height.

The GFR-02 can be charged by removing the battery, so you don't have to bring the bike to power. It can travel a distance of about 25km on a full charge of about three and a half hours.

I will actually ride it. Since GFR-02 is treated as a first-class motorized bicycle, you must have a 'license to drive a first-class motorized bicycle (ordinary license, etc.)' and 'wear a helmet' to ride. It is necessary to drive on the road when driving, and if the lights are turned off due to a dead battery etc., it will not be possible to drive even with pedals alone.

At first, I ran the same road in two modes to try out the difference between MID mode and HIGH mode without pedaling. Below, the left of the video is the MID mode with a maximum speed of about 10 km / h, the right is the HIGH mode with a maximum speed of about 30 km / h, and the image taken with an action camera attached to the body.

I tried running on a flat road in two driving modes with the hybrid bike 'GFR-02' that can be both an electric bike and an electrically assisted bicycle --YouTube

The running speed in MID mode is 14km / h, which is about the same as the average running speed of a city cycle (so-called mamachari). The HIGH mode had a maximum speed of 32km / h, which was comparable to that of a moped. In MID mode, there is a sense of stability instead of speeding up, but in HIGH mode, instead of speeding up, you feel the instability peculiar to small wheel bikes, and it takes some getting used to running on unknown roads at maximum speed. .. The MID mode reaches the maximum speed in about 3 seconds from the start of driving, and the HIGH mode reaches the maximum speed in about 10 seconds from the start of driving, and it is possible to switch modes while driving.

Next, I tried how fast I could climb the slope. Below, the left side of the video is the MID mode, and the right side is the HIGH mode.

I tried running on a slope in two driving modes with the hybrid bike 'GFR-02' that can be both an electric bike and an electrically assisted bicycle --YouTube

The running speed is about 11km / h in MID mode and about 20km / h in HIGH mode. In MID mode, it feels like you're going to lose a little on the slope, but you can climb up without pedaling. You don't have to worry about flipping back even in HIGH mode.

On the other hand, when used as an electric bicycle, the electric assist in HIGH mode is quite powerful and you can easily climb a slope. The part where you put your feet is the same pedal as the bicycle, so it is also a point that the action of 'kogu' is quite nice. Even if the battery is about to run out, you can use ECO mode to ride like a normal bicycle.

In addition, a new mechanism 'Mobichen' that transforms a type of moped into a bicycle and allows you to run on bicycle belts and sidewalks is scheduled to appear around the summer of 2021. Mobichen is a mechanism that completely hides the license plate at the same time as turning off the motor, and since it has been approved by the National Police Agency as 'when hiding the number, it is treated as a bicycle', the handling can be changed from one type of moped to a bicycle. It is a mechanism.

The price of GFR-02 is 198,000 yen including tax, and at the time of writing the article, it is said that the next pre-order sale is being prepared.

GFR-02 | glafit | Graffit


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