I tried a small EV "BIRO" which can be charged at home outlets & open type and choi ride OK

Italian small EV "BIRO (Bilo)"BIRO STORE Osaka" which will become Japan's first shop on April 26, 2017 was opened. The open and stylish BIRO of open frame is handled as "minicar" on the Road Driving Law, and it is OK to operate with an ordinary car license with a maintenance fee similar to that of a moped bike without limitation of the moped bike. I immediately tried driving in the center of Osaka to test the ride quality of ultra-small mobility.

BIRO Japan | 100% electric 4 wheel personal personal commuter Birò

◆ Visit to BIRO STORE Osaka
It will be the first Japanese shop of the compact EV "BIRO"BIRO STORE Osaka"Arrival in.

The address is "1-1-3-100 Umeda Kita Ward, Osaka City." It is located on the north side of the Osaka Ekimae 3rd building.

A small shop like 5 pyeong and BIRO.

A post that depicts the features of BIRO on the wall.

Only in the store and the chair. It is usually said that BIRO will be exhibited in this small shop, so you can see how BIRO is compact.

Orange and green BIRO were displayed in front of the store.

◆ "Winter" model with door
Orange BIRO is a weatherproof "Winter" model with side doors.

The door is a polycarbonate front opening type with a door knob on the front side. In addition, the door is easily detachable.

The size of BIRO is 1740 mm in total length × 1030 mm in total width × 1565 mm in total height, the minimum ground clearance is 190 mm. The weight without the battery is 245 kg and it is lightweight. With a 48 V brushless motor, the rated output is 0.59 kW (about 0.8 horsepower), the maximum output is 4 kW (about 5.4 hp).

- Removable battery
The EV BIRO lithium ion battery has not only a fixed type but also a detachable type. Unlock the rear ... ...

Open the door, you can see the grip battery.

Lower the support frame ......

Pull it a little ......

The battery came out.

Several steps of the stopper are attached so as not to jump out swiftly.

Since the battery has a built-in handle, you can carry it easily.

On the side is the "BIRO" logo. Removing the battery will also reduce the risk of theft.

It is also possible to carry a charger in the space below the seat. Since the rechargeable battery can be charged in about 3 hours using a normal 100V outlet, there is no concern that you will suffer from "electricity failure" at the place.

Of course it is also possible to charge from the rear while leaving the detachable battery installed.

◆ "Summer" model of open specification
·Appearance check
I borrowed an open "summer" model without a door and tried it. Frame and bonnet are lime green color. By the way, BIRO can choose the color of the frame and hood from all 99 colors as options, besides the basic color of white, black and green.

A pretty adorable front mask with rounded front lights and blinkers. Fashion brand DIESEL The Rosso family of the founder family is said to be a capital participant in BIRO, and it also makes it possible to high the design.

One windshield wiper is installed in the front window. Although the side is in an open state, it can run even in the rain.

Furthermore, by opening the glass roof and taking in the wind, even more open running is possible.

It is an outstanding opening feeling.

The rear window can also be opened and closed in a tilt style.

The wind taken from the roof has become a design that can escape from the bottom of the rear window.

Rear Around. Because BIRO is compact anyhow, temporary stoppage is extremely easy. Since it is a minicar-registered vehicle, unlike a scooter with a prime mover, there is neither a speed limit of 30 km / h nor a two-step right turn obligation nor a duty to wear a helmet. In addition, there is no need for a vehicle inspection, or a garage certificate is unnecessary. Two wheel drive license is unnecessary, normal driving license is OK.

The rear tire is 175 wide.

Tail lamps and reflectors are also round shaped.

Small diameter steering wheel. A box-like object seen in the back is a speaker of Bluetooth connection. By the way, the middle button is not a horn but a dummy.

It is equipped with a center meter.

You can check not only the speed of the vehicle, but also the turn signal, lights, remaining battery power and so on.

When you push the image switch backwards, it is switched to "drive" mode, middle position "quasi-static" mode, "back" mode used when the front is retreating is 3 steps switching.

The maximum speed of BIRO is 45 km / h. If you need power on an uphill road, if you press the "BOOST" button on the image, you can also use the powerful mode with large torque for about 20 seconds.

"Horn button" is rounded, "Screen defogging switch" and "Monitor mode change switch" in order from the top are from the top.

Since BIRO is electric, it is 2 pedals only with brake and accelerator.

The side brake (hand brake) is on the front passenger's side.

Nonetheless, BIRO is very compact so if you extend your hand, you will have easy access to the handbrake.

The seat is bicamental, but on the Japanese road legislation it is a one seat. In addition, although there is no obligation to wear seatbelts in mini-cars, we are equipped with a 3-point seat belt to improve safety.

Also equipped with a headrest.

Space for a small storeroom behind the seat. It is enough to put an umbrella, if it is a small bag you can put it on the back of the seat.

For the A pillar is a handle for the front passenger's seat. By the way, in Italy in the home country it is OK for two people.

I tried it
BIRO adopts a card key. To the front glass "RFID" mark ......

Hold the card key for a few seconds and the indicator light flashes ......

If you store the card in the card case in the room OK.

Ready to run if the center meter's monitor works.

Put the switch in "drive" mode, pull the hand brake forward, release the lock and push it forward, you can start moving.

So it is from the movie below that it runs in Osaka's main street Midosuji in BIRO. You can see how comfortably Switzerland runs on the flow of traffic.

Fly on Main Street in Osaka with open type small EV "BIRO" - YouTube

BIRO is a lightweight body & single-seater, so you can start comfortably beyond expectations. The side mirror is also large, and the rear visibility is also quite good. Even though it was open, I was able to run without anxiety even in a situation surrounded by a large car, because it was surrounded by a frame.

In addition, the actual "running feeling" is close to the movie shot with the action camera attached to the chest.

How to drive an open type small EV "BIRO" with almost first person viewpoint - YouTube

For small mobility "BIRO", the launch is smooth for a small car body and the maximum speed is also 45 km / h, so we were able to ride on the flow of traffic on a multi-lane road as well. With removable batteries you can run continuously for more than 100 kilometers with charging from 3 hours to 6 hours with a fixed battery if you charge for more than 55 kilometers for 2 to 4 hours of charging, so you can withstand commuting and schooling as well as Choi riding It has a running performance.

BIRO is an open type "Summer" model by tax of 850,000 yen, "Winter" model is taxed 1.1 million yen, both batteries are removable and fixed type Tax 400,000 yen. In addition, it is possible to change the frame color with optional 60,000 yen for the frame color and bonus color for 30,000 yen for tax. You can customize & order BIRO on the following page. However, since BIRO is handmade one by one from the order, it is necessary to pay attention to about 5 months to deliver cargo.

Estimate simulation & order | BIRO Japan

Besides "BIRO STORE Osaka" which becomes the first shop in Japan, it is said that it plans to open in Nagoya in Tokyo within six months.

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