We have carefully checked the low price model 'Model 3' of Tesla near Japan delivery

Tesla 's " Model 3 " expanding EV' s share at a stretch in North America with strong pricing from over 4 million yen will finally be delivered in Japan in 2019. I checked the look and interior of Model 3 's North American specification car, which is now late and reserved for the long - awaited.

Model 3 | Tesla Japan

Rihga Royal Hotel The urban-type ball charger " Urban Supercharger " held in Kyoto Established the event site, the Tesla cars are lined up together.

There was a Model 3 waiting for Japan delivery in it.

Model 3 is 4694 mm in total length × 1849 mm in full width × 1443 mm in total height, vehicle weight is about 1610 kg. It is small as a Tesla car, but from the road situation in Japan, it is a size of a majestic large sedan class.

The front mask where the dummy air intake has been removed gives a different impression from the existing car.

Although the shape of the headlight is different from that of the model S and model X, we maintain "Tesla car likeness" that you can understand at a glance.

195-inch wheel of 235 / 40R19. Optional 20 inch wheels are also selectable.

A camera with a proximity sensor function is embedded in the side marker. With this camera, we will acquire surrounding information.

There are two large and small wipers. In addition, there was a car body number on the windshield.

Roof of whole glass

The rear is not a hatchback but a trunk specification.

There was a rear camera on the license plate.

Model 3 is said to be a card key.

Push the card key over the center of the B pillar to unlock it.

In order to lower the air resistance, the door knob which is normally stored is pushed with the thumb and levers are released, it was a simple structure unique to Model 3.

The door is frameless. In addition, when the door was opened and closed, the window glass slightly opened and the opening and closing of the door became heavy with the internal pressure ... It was detailed consideration to eliminate the inconvenience of ......

Plate of "Model 3" on side sill.

The sense of liberation of the glass roof feels soon after getting in. It is not a ratio of sunroof.

A front speaker on the pillar extension.

Mirror in the visor. In addition, the LED lights automatically when opening the visor.

She also considered holdability. I think that it is an option because it has a high texture, and it is a standard sheet.

A steering wheel (handle) with a Tesla logo. In addition, although this exhibit car is a North American specification left hand drive, it is the right handle specification that is delivered to Japan.

Gear select with the right lever ......

It is a mechanism to operate a blinker and a wiper with the lever on the left.

The handle also has a switch that operates with the thumb, and the angle of the mirror and the distance of the steering wheel can be adjusted back and forth.

By the way it is also possible to play games with this switch.

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Room mirror

Dashboard treated with wood panel

The air outlet of the air conditioner was concealed so as to be hidden at the seams.

15 inch touch screen. As if it is a large tablet, the display is arranged in an independent state than the model S or model X.

There is no gear lever etc in the center console, it is a storage space.

Because it is EV without gear operation, the pedal is of course 2 pedals.

In addition, there is no door knob on the inside, it opens with a button push.

Model 3 is a 5-seater common sedan

rear seat

The central emergency seat also serves as a drink holder.

Since the feet space of the rear seat is flat, I feel unexpectedly spatial relaxation.

Under the air conditioning outlet, there was a USB port for charging.

Model 3 There are few buttons in the car except for the door switch. All the basic operation is done on the touch screen.

UI is extremely intuitive. I understand it without explanation, and operation seems to get used to it soon.

Basically, you make various setting changes in the right pane.

Change the driving mode ......

It is possible to freely change the orientation of the air conditioner's louver.

You can also check the condition of the car body. Graph of fuel cost and unnecessary electricity cost ......

You can check items unique to EV, such as battery charge.

Adjustable charge amount.

You can also specify timing to charge at home.

Pick out the image of the rear camera in the right pane ......

Browsing is also possible. In addition, although the mobile line was not available in North American specifications, the Tesla cars are all LTE compliant, and mobile communication charges are burdened by Tesla.

Also, touch panel opens and closes bonnet, trunk and power supply port.

Tap on bonnet ......

The bonnet lock is released.

Because it is EV, there is no engine, it is a luggage space.

The bonnet back was hammered into a honeycomb shape.

It is like this when putting A4 size paper in the front luggage. There are places where you can put a few bags for a little bag.

Also, ants such as having a hook to hang the handle of the bag are ants.

When I turned the mat, there was a tow hook.

Open the rear trunk with the touch screen ......

Huge space.

There was also a considerable depth, and there was a space where two golf bags could easily enter. In addition, if you defeat the rear seat to make it flat, you can also make a huge cargo stand.

If you turn the bottom soon ......

A hidden space with a body cover and a conversion plug for coping with public charging service appeared. It is Model 3 which became more compact than model S · model X, but it seems that the space to put the luggage is twice as light as the general 4-door sedan.

Japan Delivery of mass production car Model 3 aiming for full-scale dissemination is scheduled for the second half of 2019.

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