I went to a showroom "Osaka Temporary Store" for a limited time to test drive to Tesla "Model S"

Finally in September 2014Formal delivery started in JapanTesla Motors' electric car "Model S". You can watch plenty of that model S plenty of things and see the showroom if you book it "Osaka Temporary StoreI heard that it opened for a limited time, I went to the showroom to experience the model S at once.

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Arrived at Tesla showroom "Osaka Temporary Store" for a limited time opened in Osaka.

Since the Tesla Model S of a fearless mask was parked, we immediately understood the location of the showroom.

In addition, this model S can be tested if reserved.

Also in the showroom model S

Inside it looks like this. The showroom where the concrete is left behind is a calm atmosphere, stylish as the image of Tesla.

It is possible to negotiate while looking at the model S in such a seat.

A table with a Mac.

You can use this Mac to model the plan of Model S, and even click on it to make an official order.

◆ Model S
Model S. exhibited in the showroom.

Even people who are not very familiar with cars are luxurious to understand by one shot.

The front mask looks something like this.

Tender in the fender emblem

Prevent freezing of wipers in cold district modelWiper blade deicerAnd a washer nozzle heater are also prepared.

Model S is also optional, "panoramic roof" of full glass.

Model S is a 4-door sedan with a flowing line.

During running / stopping the knob is contained in the door ... ...

If you hold the key with your hand holding it will pop out automatically.

The trunk of the rear ......

Because it is a hatchback specification, it is exactly a 5-door hatchback.

Since the rear seat can be divided before it can be divided into 2: 1 ... ...

If you kill everything pretty big loads can be loaded.

Under the trunk floor ......

"Backward facing seat" that two children can ride can be installed as an option.

The rear view with the trunk closed is like this.

Carbon fiber rear spoiler is also available as an option.

Model S is EV (Electric Vehicle), so of course, the power source is electricity instead of gasoline.

Charging is possible with household 100V / 200V outlet.

As you see from the rear of the car body, you can see how a flowing body line is shaped expressively by various curves.

In addition, model S in Japan is all right handle specification.

There is no window frame when opening the door.

Futuristic design inside the door

This part is a door knob

Electric mirror and buttons for operating windows

The first thing you get into the model S is the huge display set in the center console

The size is 17 inches

Leather seat

Of course the button to change seat position electric

Between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat, a cup holder

Carbon-like material

Sliding the cushion also becomes an armrest.

In addition, cigar socket and USB port were also prepared.

A large storage space in the center console. It seems to be easy to use in a space where plenty of cameras, small bags, etc., as well as smart phones are included.

Electric powered roof looks like this from inside.

The rear seat is a three seat

The cup holder is also an air conditioner for people sitting on the rear seat.

In the upper part of the rear door opening is like a round button.

When pressed ......

It was a glowing LED. This LED light turns on automatically even when you open the door.

In the driver's seat, the engine is on ... but not on, power on.

The handle of model S is equipped with buttons that can be set freely, such as the volume of the audio on the left and right with the central horn button in between.

Left is a blinker. It is the reverse of the domestically produced car though it is a right steering wheel as well as imported cars.

Shift lever on the right

The point is turned on (Motor ON) button.

The instrument panel is a liquid crystal display that can display not only the speed but also various information such as the music being played and the state of the car.

The pedal is a two pedal type with only an accelerator and a brake. As model S is EV, there is no clutch pedal as a matter of course.

The rearview mirror is small.

Air conditioner outlet

Passenger's side dashboard

A carbon-like image in the near future.

LED light for driver's and passenger's seat

The driver's seat part of model S is like this again.

17-inch display is capable of every operation related to model S.

You can set suspension and steering, set traction control, regenerative brake on / off, and so on.

Open and close the electric roof ......

Seat heater can set all seats individually.

The state of lighting of the lights and blinker lamps is displayed on the display when the door is open. This makes it possible to prevent half doors and blinkers from being forgotten.

Adjustment of air conditioner

Traveling data

Control of the screen (display)

Battery status displayable.

Furthermore, connecting with a mobile phone in a hands-free state ......

It can also be linked with music players such as iPod and iPhone.

And since the standard mobile communication environment is provided to the model S for free, if you display Google map on a huge display, it will be transformed into car navigation.

It is also possible to enjoy internet radio.

It is also a back view screen for the rear camera.

◆ Chassis
Next to the exhibition car the chassis part of the model S was exhibited.

Naturally there is no engine at the front desk.

The batteries are arranged flat on the part under the seat. We succeeded in lowering the center of gravity by arranging the batteries occupying most of the weight of EV low. That is why it is playing a part in driving performance of sports cars.

The rear is equipped with a large suspension and motor and inverter.

We are undoubtedly showing off the contents of Model S and you can see the latest technologies of EV.

◆ Design studio
In the back of the showroom, a car body called "DESIGN STUDIO (design studio)" and interior color samples were on display.

While checking the texture such as wood grain tone and carbon tone ... ...

It is possible to coordinate with the color of the car body and the interior.

Test drive
At the Osaka Temporary Store, in advanceInternet siteYou can test model S by reserving from.

That's why I asked you to test drive the model S's top model "85". The state of the model S running like the EV, which runs Swiss in without engine sound, can be confirmed in the following movie.

When you run the city of Osaka with Tesla Model S Swissie Guy Gui, it feels like this - YouTube

Test driving and feeling is that it is powerful anyhow. Model S 85 with 0-100 km / h intense acceleration of 5.6 seconds has suddenly accelerated large body by guigui thanks to the characteristic of the motor with the torque Morimori, which is completely different from gasoline-powered taste. If you step on the accelerator you will be amazed by the overwhelming acceleration. Even at low speeds, the torque was thick, so even on urban roads with many stops and goes, I enjoyed driving without stress.

In addition, there is no sound other than tire noise, so it's just like running 'audio room' when you apply music. There was no more acoustic space spreading for those who wanted to stick to the "sound" inside the car.

Tesla Model S is a standard model "60" model with a cruising distance of 345 km is 8.23 ​​million yen (tax excluded), and an advanced model "85" with a cruising distance of 460 km is 9.33 million yen (excluding tax). Furthermore, after the summer of 2015, the four wheel drive model of the dual motor AWD "(PDF file)P85DWill appear. All models S are fully custom-made models which are manufactured one by one after official ordering.

Model S | Tesla Motors

The show room "Osaka Temporary Store" that you can see over the model S is open from 11 o'clock to 19 o'clock on weekdays, from 10 o'clock to 18 o'clock on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, open for a limited period until February 28, 2015 is.

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