Tesla's new EV "Model X" has finally watched the state-of-the-art "E-SUV" with Japan landing and Falcon wing door

On Monday, September 12, 2016, Tesla Motors will become the third crossover SUV "Model XThe reservation acceptance of "reservation acceptance" was also started in Japan. On that day, since the presentation of the actual model was done in the city, I saw what kind of car is the model X called "SUV by Japan's only electric vehicle (EV)".

Model X | Tesla Japan

Arrived at the Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho in Tokyo / Akasakamitsuke who became the presentation hall. Unfortunately it was a cloudy sky on the day.

As I walked, two models X were already exhibited in front of the 1F cafe 'GARB CENTRAL', the building. The stylish body line that melts so much into the urban atmosphere of the building is impressive.

White color model X. I am amazed by the amazing volume feeling when looking at close. That should be that, model X body size is 5037 mm in length × 2070 mm in full width × 1680 mm in total height (when opening the door: 2200 mm) and a pretty American size. Wheel tire size is 20 inches.

A body line that flows in one line from the front glass to the deck of the rear trunk. Model X improves aerodynamic characteristics and reduces air resistance, the lowest drag coefficient (cd value) among all SUV models,0.24It is said that it realizes.

Here is the model X of Deep Blue Metallic. The body looks tiny and small by wearing shrinking color blue, and the lines of the body side also make sharpness stand out.

As the body becomes blue, the silver mall around the door which is a proof of the high class stand out well.

What was exhibited this time is the second model from the top "P90DIt is called type. Model X is an "AWD" model with two motors for driving in front and behind, with four types of batteries of 60 kWh, 75 kWh, 90 kWh, 100 kWh. The price is 895 million yen to 14.8 million yen (consumption tax included), and you can receive subsidies at the time of purchaseCEV subsidy(Clean energy automobile subsidy) to be applied also in the 2016 Frame.

Among the models X that line up four models, the high-end model "Model X P100D" has a super car acceleration performance of 0-100 km / h acceleration of 3.1 seconds, and a heavyweight body with a weight of 2468 kg I will pull it up to 250 km / h. In addition, the cruising distance that can run with one charge is 542 km (P100 D · Estimated), which means that it has performance that is inferior to conventional gasoline cars.

To open and close the door, just touch the blade shaped part of silver. In addition, it is also possible to open and close by operating from the remote control or panel inside the car.

The interior is a color-coded design with two upper and lower tone, this car is a model of interior decoration of "tan". Although it is a very general handle, it is very refreshing that the shift lever that should have been between the sheets is omitted.

One of the features of Model X is the windshield stretched over the driver's head. A piece of glass covers up to the vicinity of the joint of the door, looking at it from inside the car ......

In this way, the glass is extending to the top of the driver's head, and it seems that opening feeling close to an open car can be obtained. It is a place to worry about the glare of the sun, but since the overhead part is painted in dark, it seems that some glare has been prevented.

The big feature of Model X is how to open the rear door called "Falcon wing door". When the door is operated, the door jumps upward in this way ......

It opens giggly and much like a wing of a bird. Continuing from the above picture and seeing it carefully, you can see that the angle of the folded part of the door is changing. In this way, when opening and closing, the door itself is suppressed a little to suppress the protrusion in the lateral direction, and it is said that opening and closing can be done without trouble if there is only a space of about 30 cm.

When actually sitting on the seat in this state, it is great advantage that it is very easy to get on and off even in the third row seat in order to widen the overhead part in addition to the side part. Also it may be beneficial to get wet even on rainy day getting wet.

And, how can even an adult stand up if the door is open. This means that different passengers getting on and off are not realized in cars so far.

The part of the hinge where the door bends is like this. It is hidden in the lining and has become almost inconspicuous.

Model X with the Falcon wing door open is also quite daunting.

This is how the Falcon wing door opens and closes like this.

Tesla's E-SUV "Model X" Falcon wing door opens and closes like this - YouTube

Model X does not have an engine, so it features a wide luggage space to store luggage. Equipped with 187 liter trunk in the front bonnet. There is a trunk of the same class as a small passenger car ... ...

There is also a trunk space to swallow suitcases etc on the rear too.

When you defeat the seat of the third row, up to 2180 liters of trunk space appears.

Around the driver seat is like this. Approximately providing a large display on the center console follows the grammar of the Tesla flow design. By the way this interior color is white. In addition to the above tan and white, three colors of black are prepared.

The second row seat is adopted as a monolithic monolithic seat. Everything can be adjusted electrically, and access to the third row seat is also Rakuchin.

Though it seems to be severe for adults in the third row truly, the reinforcement of the third row seat which is reliable when saying Isa should be understood by those who have actually used it.

In addition, it is possible to choose model X as 5-seater, "6-seater", "7-seater". In the case of a 6-seater model, the second and third rows are designed to allow walk-through like this.

In the 7-seater model, the second row becomes three people.

Looking from the rear, it looks like a space shuttle seat. SpaceX's spacecraft led by Tesla's Eulon Mask CEOCrew Dragon's crew inside the capsuleIs it accidental to remind me of something?

Nicola Villegé, president of Tesla Motors Japan LLC, who stands beside Model X. Tesla is the model X that is the only electric SUV "E-SUV" in Japan, talking about the attitude to challenge the rapidly growing high class SUV market.

When you sit on the seat, you will see a scenery like Tesla, which is a very common sense sheet, the state of the handle, and a huge display in the center part. In addition, although the left handle model was being exhibited,The Japanese introduction model has become a right steering wheel car.

The meter part was a multi information display without a physical meter needle. In this part, information such as the automatic speed mode "auto pilot" etc. is displayed as well as the speed of the hour.

By saying that SUV has a car width of about 2 meters, the relaxed feeling inside the car seems to be satisfactory. GIGAZINE is still doing adjustment to test drive soon, so I'd like to report on how I actually tried driving.

Tesla's E-SUV "Model X" has started accepting reservations online in Japan from September 12, 2016 also in Japan. Also, from September 16, "Tesla Aoyama" in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and the next 17th from the "Osaka Chuo-ku" Tesla Shinsaibashi "will start exhibition of real cars, so finally the world that began in Japan at last You can get a chance to touch the tip EV.

Tesla store in Japan | Tesla Japan

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