Photo review of "S660" concept car which will be the successor to Honda's light sports car BEAT

It is a full-fledged light sports carHonda · BEATHas retained a strong popularity among some fans even after the manufacture ended in 1996. It is a concept model of BEAT successor which rumors have been flowing many times so farS 660It is exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Compact two-seater open car body. It seems that it is contained in a minicar frame.

The front wheel is 16 inches. The tire size is 205 / 45R16 and it is quite wide as a mini vehicle.

In front of the front fender, a slit for air release is opened.

The rear is set to 17 inches bigger than the front wheel. The tire size is 215 / 40R17, I am wearing one size larger than the front wheels.

Bumper and bonnet lines are pretty three-dimensional modeling

Interior is like this. The color is different on the left and right sheets.

Equipped with a deformed handle with vertical deformation, a sporty atmosphere is drifting.

A small shift knob on the center console

It is also a feature on the design, the roll bar behind the seat looks like this.

Also equipped with a bucket seat unique to sports cars

The seat is mounted considerably lower than the car body.

Equipped with a touch-type operation panel next to the handle.

Also on the center console, a touch type air conditioner operation panel is also installed.

Only two pedals, accelerator and brake, will show you how to mount a semi-automatic. However, it seems that a 3-pedal manual transmission is supposed.

At the rear of the door is an air intake for engine cooling

Horizontally arrangedNSX ConceptCombined with this, there is a sporty atmosphere at this year 's Honda booth.

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