"Tokyo Motor Show 2013" All Articles Summary

From November 22 to December 1, at Tokyo Big Sight "Tokyo Motor Show 2013Will be held. November 22 is "preview night" so it is open from 5:30 pm to 20 o'clock, after 10 pm from 10 pm to 20 oclock (Sunday is 18 o'clock) is the opening time. Today 20th and tomorrow 21st was an opportunity to see exhibits early in the press day at the press day so I went to see what kind of new car can be met.


The venue here is Tokyo Big Sight.

The gate looks like this.

I found an object with a car and a heart as a motif.

Entrance of the venue.

The venue is divided into the East Exhibition Building and the West Exhibition Building, and the East Exhibition Building is exhibited at 1 to 6 holes and the West Exhibition Hall is exhibited at all the halls from 1 to 4 holes.

The inside of the hall is here.

From the one where the booth is partitioned like a wall ......

It ranges from what two-story building is installed to.

A business talk etc will be held here.

Sofa and fruit.

A state of the second floor.

Depending on the booth, drinks and snacks are also acting.

There are tables and chairs, so you can watch your car carefully while taking a break.

There are various atmosphere by the manufacturer, from sophisticated simple things ... ....

A booth with an aggressive atmosphere.

Booth etc. made based on concept. This is the stage of Toyota's CMToyotownThe booth that reproduced.

I found the door everywhere.

A doll was set up on the bench.


There are also experience booths that you can actually take on exhibits.

Honda's "UNI-CUB (Unicab)"

Toyota's "Winglet (Winglet)"

Nissan's "New Mobility Concept"Toyota's ultra-compact EV"Coms", Honda's"MC-β, Zid's two-seater ultra-small EV "ZieD α1" and so on.

It is also possible to actually drive here.

So, the summary of the "Tokyo Motor Show" is from the following. We will continue to add more articles so please look forward to it.

November 20, 2013 09: 30: 50 seconds
EV concept car with zero CO2 emissions "BladeGlider (Braid Glider)" haste photo review

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LEXUS next generation premium compact SUV "LF-NX" haste photo review

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Photo review of "Honda · NSX concept" to be marketed in 2015 at Tokyo Motor Show

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Gone CEO appeared at Tokyo Motor Show, Concept coupe "FREEFLOW" announced

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Photo review of "S660" concept car which will be the successor to Honda's light sports car BEAT

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Next to the hybrid fuel cell, "TOYOTA FCV CONCEPT" photo review - GIGAZINE

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Review on December 5 "Gran Turismo 6" at the Tokyo Motor Show venue for only 5 minutes - GIGAZINE

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Toyota's Next Generation Mobility Can Be Steered without a Handle "TOYOTA FV 2" - GIGAZINE

20 November 20 16:30 47 seconds
Open mini car "Daihatsu Kopen" that can be changed in only 5 minutes - GIGAZINE

20 November 20 17:15 45 seconds
Mercedes' world premiere is "SLS AMG GT FINAL EDITION" world limited only 350 - GIGAZINE

20 November 20 22:01 50 seconds
Kawasaki's three-wheel electric vehicle "J" is too future-oriented - GIGAZINE

20 November 20 22:53:14
Yamaha's two-seater passenger car "MOTIV" is an ambitious car jointly developed by former F1 designers - GIGAZINE

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From race queen style to nurse, cute & sexy companion at Tokyo Motor Show Summary First part - GIGAZINE

20 November 20 23:30:36
Cute & sexy companion at the Tokyo Motor Show from the race queen style to the nurse Summary Part 2 - GIGAZINE

November 20, 2013 23: 59: 39 seconds
Nissan 's concept coupe featuring nostalgic atmosphere "IDx FREEFLOW" "IDx nismo" Movie & Photo Review - GIGAZINE

November 21, 2013 01:00:53
Tesla "Model S" which started car delivery from 2014 is an orthodox EV sedan full of luxury - GIGAZINE

November 21, 2013 09: 30: 08 seconds
Zero emission of Daihatsu realizing precious metal free "Next generation vehicle" FC Convex DECK "- GIGAZINE

November 21, 2013 10: 08: 26 seconds
Mitsubishi Motors such as the world's first concept cars and EV racing cars focus on EV - GIGAZINE

November 21, 2013 14:00:30
Formula E machine starting from 2014 "Spark Renault SRT 01E" photo review - GIGAZINE

November 21, 2013 15: 39: 16 seconds
Honda's personal mobility "UNI-CUB beta" can be tested on first come, first served basis - GIGAZINE

November 21, 2013 16:00:11
Tomorrow's Tomica "Tomica" massive exhibition at a glance just watching - GIGAZINE

November 21, 2013 22:26:39
Carrozzeria in Japan KEN OKUYAMA displays heart dancing sports cars etc - GIGAZINE

November 21, 2013 23:56:21
In Yamaha, a three-seater off-road vehicle "VIKING" North American vehicles are on exhibition - GIGAZINE

00:54:43 on November 22, 2013
BMW's next-generation flagship car "BMW i8" compatible with fuel efficiency and performance - GIGAZINE

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Toyota's Next Generation Personal Mobility "i-Road" Choi Ride Repo - GIGAZINE

November 25, 2013 16:30:36
Student made EV car "NATS EV-Sports Prototype 02" which gave a glimpse of the cornerstone of the great country Nippon - GIGAZINE

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Fun car pleasures "Tokyo Motor Show 2013" 35 car models in one photo review - GIGAZINE

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