Tesla announces the fastest new EV "Roadster" in history that will reach 100 km / h in 1.9 seconds, planned to be released in 20 million units in 2020

Tesla of the electric vehicle (EV) maker, the new EV sports car "RoadsterWe announced. This model with three powerful motors on a smaller body exceeds all of the cars on the planet, including the highest speed exceeding 400 km / h and reaching 96 km / h with only 1.9 seconds "The fastest commercial ever It is expected to be a car.

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The new "Roadster" was held in California on the local time on November 16, 2017All electric trailer 'Semi' release eventAt the end of the surprise was announced. Mr. Mask said, "We started Tesla from" Roadster (the first generation) "while a roadster unloaded from a trailer pulled by Semi went around the stage and the audience was" wondering ??? If it is to make a new roadster, it is the timing now, "a sudden announcement. At that moment, the crowd comes out as "YEAH !!!!" from the hall.

The new type of roadster has an intense acceleration performance of 1.9 seconds, which is accelerated from a stopped state to 60 mph (about 96 km / h) per hour. Shrinking the 0-100 km / h acceleration "2.7 seconds" of the company's fastest model S P100D by nearly 1 second, which exceeds 2.2 seconds of Porsche 918 Spider (2015), which has been said to be the fastest ever in history It is getting.

Although the first Roadster was a two-seater sports car that partly used Lotus Elysee, the new model will be "2 + 2 layout" with a rear seat for two people. This improves usability and at the same time it is possible to avoid the tax system of the US where the tax amount jumps if it is a two-seater car.

Interior that refreshed with left and right sheets installed at a low position and meters almost none.

The shape of the steering wheel etc. does not go out of the range of the concept. Like Tesla, a large display on the center console is laid out, and it seems that a speedometer and a monkey display are placed on the far side of the steering wheel.

Like the first Roadstar, the new model also adopts the "Targa top" style with its removable roof part.

According to Tesla's specification table, the new type roadster is 4.2 seconds from the stopped state to 100 miles per hour (about 160 km / h), 4.2 seconds acceleration, 1/4 mile acceleration so-called "zero zero" is 8.8 seconds, It boasts performance. Three motors are mounted on the car body, and four tires are driven. The maximum speed is over 250 miles per hour (about 400 km / h). Although the travelable distance by one charge is 620 miles (about 998 km), the battery capacity installed is not disclosed.

On the Tesla official website, the price of the new type of roadster is "$ 200,000" (about 22.4 million yen) at "Base Price", and it costs 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen) for reservation. In addition, the model called "Founders Series", which is considered to be the top model, will be $ 250,000 (about 28 million yen), and in order to hold down the reservation limit for 1000 units it is necessary to pay in advance the full amount. Some media express this as "Tesla's Cloud Funding".

In Tesla announced that production of the new type roadster will begin in 2020. In the tight schedule that the production of the EV truck "Semi" will also start in 2019, it will be done as planned as to whether it will be able to finish production by developing a high-spec new model vehicle in less than three years from the announcement It seems that attention will gather for itself.

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