Anyone can receive credit card payment Square reader comes with IC card compatible version

Even small shops and individuals who do not introduce credit card transactions are also able to create an environment that can be attached to smartphones and accept credit card settlementSquare leader"is. Even before GIGAZINEI used a reviewAlthough it is a device, new products corresponding to new IC credit cards "Square Reader for Chip Cards"We have started accepting reservations for the release of Spring 2015.

Square Reader for Chip Cards - Square Checkout

You can check how the Square Reader for Chip Cards can be used from the following movie.

Introducing the Square Reader for chip cards

Five years have passed since the birth of "Square" which anyone can accept credit card transactions with only smartphones.

Insert the Square reader in the earphone jack like this ... ...

Just by passing the card through the slit part of the leader, you can accept payment by credit card anytime, anywhere. In addition, at the time of use, a fee of 3.25% of the settlement amount is collected, and it is a rate plan which does not take other annual fee etc at all.

Its ease of use, easiness of introduction, etc. were supported, and introductions were promoted by many individual business owners and shops. In the United States, there is also a record that Square was introduced to 7,000 stores in Starbucks stores.

However, nowadays more credit cards with more secure IC chips are on the rise. The needs corresponding to this are also increasing.

What appears there is a new product "Square Reader for Chip Cards"is.

When I received an IC credit card ......

Slot the card vertically. The communication function with the IC chip is built in, making settlement possible while achieving higher security. In addition, it can also correspond to conventional magnetic cards.

The body is equipped with a large capacity battery that can be charged with Micro - USB cable.

Handwritten signs are also handled by tracing the screen of smartphone or tablet.

Applications can also use various sales analysis tools.

In this way, if Square Reader for Chip Cards is introduced, anyone can make credit card payment on the spot while achieving higher security, and can use it in various business scenes and private.

Square Reader for Chip Cards will be available for sale in spring of 2015 at a selling price of $ 29 (about 3400 yen).websiteThe reservation is now being accepted.

In Japan, the Apple Store is selling conventional Square readers, so I am wondering if the lineup of new IC card compatible products will also be available.

Square Credit Card Reader - Apple Store (Japan)

In addition, we can add IC card function to iPad stand "Square Stand" built-in card reader "Chip Card Accessory for Square Stand"Is also accepting reservations.

Chip Card Accessory for Square & nbsp; Stand - Square Checkout

In the case of settlement, you insert the card from above and use it like this.

The price of Chip Card Accessory for Square Stand is $ 39 (about 4,600 yen). Spring is scheduled for 2015 here as well.

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