I tried to eat "lunch box mashimashi from eggplant" that fried chicken and eggplant are going to become addictive

If you say "Mashimashi" you are enthusiastic fans "Ramen JiroRecalling, "near the Waseda University"Sougo's bento store"In rice, it is said that you can eat lunch boxes of Mashimashi that will increase to side dishes, so actually going and deep-fried and eggplant are popularLunch box mashimashi from eggplantI have been eating.

Together lunch box shop (Today's lunch box) - Waseda / lunch box [eating log]

I arrived at "Saddo's Bentouya" near Waseda University.

The menu is slurry at the storefront.

This time I will order Mashimashi from "Popular products" "eggplant from lunch box". When ordering please ask a loud voice "Please give me a mashimashi from eggplant!" OK. Furthermore, Mashimashi of lunch box from eggplant is 450 yen including tax.

Lunch box Mashimashi from eggplant purchased here.

Deep-fried was contained so that the lid naturally took off when removing the rubber.

From eggplant, the lunch box is a three-layer structure of fried chicken and eggplant, rice.

Take one deep-fried eggplant underneath it.

The chopstick rest is also available.

First of all it is Pakuri from deep-fried. The deep-fried clothes are crispy but mouthwashed texture. In chicken meat, bitches and oils soaked with soy sauce overflow with juice.

As for the eggplant of Fun ha ha kyu, as well as deep-fried, the oil is cooked, but the flavor of eggplant covers and the rice goes well.

When you eat eggplant and fried chicken together, you can see that eggplant and fried chicken meat freshly match well. It was my first experience to eat eggplant and fried chicken together but it is a new discovery.

Although it was a mashimashi, it was completely hungry and it was completed in about 5 minutes. From eggplants Lunch boxes Mashimashi are likely to fall into the category of junk food, but once you eat it tastes like it will stop. Also, because the amount of mashimashi is too small for a college student to eat well, it is likely to be complete without surprising people other than small people.

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