Fujikyu Highland first hand experience review "Do-doodompa" re-arrived at "acceleration first in the world" accelerating to 180 km / h in 1.56 seconds

Friday, July 15, 2017 (Saturday), Fujikyu Highland's super class acceleration attraction "Dodonpa" has been renewed for 9 months and newly "Do DodonpaI will return as. It gained even more power than the predecessor and reached 180 km / h in only 1.56 seconds, its acceleration3.75 GIt is a de · super class machine called Super-class that surpasses the drag race car, not to mention the F1 machine, and it is said that the person of Fujikyu Highlander "It is faster than any ride in the world". This time there was a chance to ride a "Do-dodompa" ahead of the time, so it has not been an exaggeration to say that human beings have not arrived yet.

Do ★ Dodonpa | Fuji-Q Highland

The movie that I actually tried shooting was Kore. Even when something that is not even a voice leaks out of the mouth on the way, you should know the egg of that acceleration.

I have experienced the acceleration force 3.75 G of Fujikyu Highland "Do Dodonpa" reaching 180 km / h in 1.56 seconds - YouTube

The coaster of Do Dodonpa is this. There was a type of blue and pink tones in color.

Tighten the harness and send it out to the staff with applause ....

Stop once in a pitch tunnel. BGM of loud volume is flowing with the stuff.

Along with the countdown, the color of the left and right walls changes. If you think "Finally ...!" ... ...

Along with tremendous compressed air sound "Bushuaaaaa !!!", it is tremendous acceleration! At this time, I had GoPro attached to the attachment in my hand and fixed it with gum tape, but still I was going to be flying and accelerating, with accelerating, what did I say saying "Oh, oh, oh" I heard a voice that I do not understand well.

It's a coaster that runs amazingly after reaching 180 km / h in only 1.56 seconds. Because GoPro HERO 5 used for shooting made a good job, it seems to be less powerful to see in still images, but when you watch the movie you should know the extraordinary feeling of the scenery that fly away .

LED is embedded in tunnel on the way and speed feeling is up.

It is groaning alone as "um ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ ぉ" while enduring G pressing body.

Another tunnel, and a new appearance beyond that · loop of the world's largest class will appear.

At the moment that I passed through the tunnel, my body was pressed downwards with "Gakun!" ...

The scenery is just upright as it is. I mentioned earlier that the acceleration G at launch is 3.75 G, but how much G gets when going up the loop exceeds it 3.76 G. It is hit by a strong G which is enough to make you eat chops on your thigh with 'Fang!' With the fists of both hands clasping GoPro.

By the way, the loop looked up from outside looks like this. The loop height of 49 meters is the world's largest class, and the loop diameter of 39.7 meters is the literal world's largest scale, which means that this is the key to realizing acceleration of Do-Dodompa's egg. In the predecessor "Dodonpa", a vertically running tower was used, but in fact the relationship of "minus G" generated at the summit inevitably had to limit the launch speed. This time it seems that by making the loop that the body faces inward, it is possible to greatly reduce the unnecessary restriction so that the original performance can be fully exhibited.

Immediately after thinking that "A ... World ... Sakasama Yan ..." at the top of the loop, the coaster accelerated by the fall generates a strong G once again, and it is said to be " A voice that I do not intend to give out comes out of my throat.

After the loop go through the tunnel to the goal. I can finally come up with a sigh, "Fuu ー ー ー ー" for a long time.

The falling angle of 121 degrees, here also the exceptional attraction "High handednessCurve to the right while watching "... ...

I came back to the original platform and welcomed the staff 's clapping, so the ride of one round and two minutes is over with this.

It is attacked by G which is unimaginable acceleration G and body which is pushed by the loop, and after getting down the coaster with climbered footsteps, it gets tatty attacked, but in just a few minutes it seems to 'ride again ... again "The desire to come up with Futtsutsu," Do Dodonpa "has been well understood that it is such a magical powered rider. This is truly Ikan, I can not help saying that it is a cheap ride, so please do try it if you are interested.

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