A movie capturing the appearance of sliding down the world's largest jumping base from the first person's perspective

In NorwayVikersund jumping stadiumThere is a biggest jumping platform in the world, but a movie taken from the first person viewpoint as if she jumps down the jumping platform of terrible height will be uploaded to YouTube.

* Please note the volume as the sound increases.

Jurij Tepes Vikersund 2013 - YouTube

The jumper that was lined up will go down directly below.

The jumping table is high enough to not see the state of the bottom.

The morning sun is plugged in.

Go ahead ......

I stand by on the jump table.

Jumper preparing heart for too much height.

It started.

Sliding along the runway, the starting point gradually moves away.

People who were at the starting point have disappeared in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye.

And ...

Cutting off, I will jump. If you do not pay attention to the volume of the movie, it will be hard for you to hear your ear with a roaring sound.

I will landing quietly.

The image behind the jump is like this.

Slowly go to the braking track.

Looking up from the bottom, it will be overwhelmed by the height of the jumping base that slipped.

The height from the tip of the railway crossing to the landing point is about 225 m, considering that the height of Roppongi Hills is 238 m, it is a terrible height.


In addition, although the scale is small, there are movies that captured the state of the child who is challenging the jump by not only the adult but also the courage, from the first person viewpoint, and the one that can understand the fear before slipping and the exhilaration feeling after slipping It has become.

Girls first Ski Jump - YouTube

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