The world's most thrilling water slider "Veluto" debuts soon

If you go to a bigger pool or theme park, you will see a water slide "Water sliderAlthough it is a resort facility in Kansas, USAShritterburn Water Park Resort"The world's highest water slider" 51 meters high and over 100 kilometers per hour maximum speed "VeldtThe test for the debut of it has been repeated.

Watch The World's Tallest Water Slide Test Its First Human Riders

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Waterslider is an attraction familiar all over the world and is located in Universal Studios Japan in JapanJurassic Park The RideThe water slider that appears in the second half of the year is 26 meters high,Walt Disney World ResortIt is inSummit PlametIs located in Brazilian resort "Beach Park", which was said to be 36 meters high in the worldINSERO(Meaning "crazy" in Portuguese), its height was 41 meters.

However, "the highest water slider in the world" exceeding them all will appear in the summer of 2014 at the Shritterburn Water Park Resort in Kansas, USA. It is named after the word "Verrückt" meaning "crazy" also in GermanVeldtIt is about 51 meters high. It towers in New YorkStatue of LibertyIt is higher than the tip of a torch that you have in your hand from your feet,Niagara FallsIt boasts the same height.

In such Vecto, the experiment has been repeated for opening, but at last it has been test ly performed to actually slide people and the state is released on YouTube.

Verruckt - The First Launch - YouTube

A man who fights in a rubber boat as much as to say "Muri ~". And the staff of the support staff who is laughing loudly watching it.

A line of sight from a man is like this. I have not yet felt the height, but the landscape that spreads before my eyes is obviously from a high point.

Veltt is an attraction that slides on a rubber boat. Boat starts to glide with "Gakun" with a light shock. Attention to the expression of men.

Gradually the ground is visible ......

It began to drop off tremendously.

"Oh ah ah ah ah ah ah"

Too much speed, cap wearing will also fly away.

The lowest point is approaching ...

Pass through the lowest point. Everything happens instantly.

It seems that the momentum that sinks into the boat is due to the downwardly facing G.

That is supposed to be, Velcro 's highest speed is designed to be over 100 kilometers, and this is also the fastest level in the world.

A test run again, a man who can be put on a boat again.

Next time it seems that she can afford a little.

However, it was safely around the top of the second ... ...

"Daughter" and I ate a surprise in the water chasing the boat from behind.

Already basho bicycle. Will Kore improve by the official opening? Or this way?

The man who sits behind is nothing more than to say "Yeah." It is true that Kore is certainly becoming a fun ride.

There seems to be little problems left with that and that, but it seems that the test is being carried forward towards the approaching summer. Although it is such a Velcro, the movie which contained the experiment of the initial stage had a state of shock left behind.

Verruckt Dummie Raft Ejected - World's Tallest Waterslide Fail - YouTube

The staff on the ground who speaks to the transceiver you've gotten "Okay, Iko." A rubber boat is fired from the start stand rising over there.

"Umaa" and the staff to extrude the rubber boat with the foot. In the experiment of this stage, people can not get on yet, it seems that sandbags of the same weight as people are loaded.

The boat that slid down the slider with a tremendous "Gyun!" ...

take off! Is it?

And then I got a big crash into the ground.

Designer who said "I must redesign". I'm glad I was nice and mat ....

Such a Velutto is in the middle of the test for the official debut. As it is planned at the time of the article, it is decided to debut at "somewhere in 2014", so I'd like to expect a quick debut as soon as possible.

Schlitterbahn Water Parks | Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort

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