We have experienced the amazing acceleration of the Tesla 'Model S' and 'Model X' test drive reports, which can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in only 3 seconds.

The electric vehicles (EVs) “ Model S ” and “ Model X ” launched by Tesla are all electronically controlled travel systems. Also, by switching the driving mode, the model S can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 2.6 seconds. A special test ride event was held on June 9, 2019 where you could experience the rapid acceleration and slalom of such Model S and Model X, so actually you can drive by holding the steering wheel of Model S · Model X and taste its acceleration for a while It has come.

Tesla Ludicrous Campaign | Tesla Japan


Model S | Tesla Japan

Model X | Tesla Japan

First of all, try on the sedan type model S.

The key of model S looks like this. It has a car-like design and is also decorated with the Tesla logo.

The shift lever is not the center console, but the column switch on the right of the steering wheel. There is no side brake lever on the center console, and when the vehicle is stopped, shift is made to parking, and if the brake is pressed strongly, the side brake will be applied automatically. All the basic operations required for driving are designed around the steering wheel.

The operation of the blinker and the wiper was concentrated on the left column switch.

Model S and Model X differ in whether they are sedan type or SUV type, but the basic mechanism does not change. The driving mode can be selected from 'Comfort', 'Sports', 'Rudy class' and 'Rudy class +' which is the back mode. This time, in the rapid acceleration of the model S, I experienced 'Comfort' used in general city riding and an extremely powerful 'Rody class'. The ludy class (ludicrous) is said to mean 'idiot' in English.

At the test ride event, we were able to experience rapid acceleration and slalom while receiving explanation and support from racing driver

Satoshi Kogawa . The following movie is where the model S accelerates in comfort mode. Smoothly accelerated while quietly quiet compared to a normal car. When you release the accelerator, the regenerative brake is applied automatically, and even if you do not depress the brake pedal, the engine brake decelerates rapidly as if the engine brake was applied, and the brake lamp blinks.

Experience fast acceleration in the comfort mode of the Tesla Model S-YouTube

By switching the operating mode to Ludy class, the dual-motor model S can accelerate rapidly to 100 km / h in just 2.6 seconds. The following movie is actually experiencing rapid acceleration in the Rudi class, so G is applied to the entire body for so much acceleration that it feels like the internal organs are taken a lot, involuntarily saying 'oh ...' It leaks. In driving a car, it is totally unexperienced acceleration, and while stepping on the accelerator, the impression that 'a marty who got on the Delorean of the movie' Back to the Future 'would have had such a feeling ...' I will go through my mind.

I experienced the sudden acceleration in Teydra model S's Rudy class mode-YouTube

Now try the model X.

The key of model X looks like this. It is a design that imitates the body like the key of the model S, but the surface is shiny and has a high-class feeling.

The model X tested on the right-hand drive is for Japan. The model X windshield was shaped to cover the ceiling, and the top was UV cut coated.

A small monitor was installed on the right side of the model X handle. This monitor shows an image of the area around the front tire on the left and follows a blind spot that is difficult for a driver with a right steering wheel to see.

The model X has a weight that is greater than that of the model S. The acceleration power is slightly reduced, and the 0-100 km / h will be approximately 3 seconds. However, with Tesla's EV, you can achieve even greater acceleration by setting battery output maximization. At the test ride event, with Model X, I was able to experience the rapid acceleration with the battery power condition and the Rudy class mode.

The following movie is where you made a quick acceleration in Rudy class mode with the battery output maximization actually set. Since I had already experienced sudden acceleration in the model X's Ludy class mode several times already, I thought that I was getting used to the body's body G soon, and the feeling of acceleration even more than that, 'Uooh' leaked involuntarily, and driving Even when asked by the Tesla Japan staff, “How is it?”, You can only laugh. Certainly the Rudi class acceleration was a powerful and impossible level to experience on public roads.

Rude Class & Battery Output with Tesla Model X Experience Rapid Acceleration-YouTube

Furthermore, I was able to experience steering at the slalom course. Tesla model X · model S can switch the steering mode 'Comfort' 'Standard' 'Sports'. First, I set the steering mode of Model X to 'Sports' and experienced slalom. In response to the operation of the steering wheel, the movement of the car responds quickly, and even if you are speeding up, you can turn quickly. The editorial staff who took the test drive was not good at driving, but even if the car curved to the left and right, there was little shaking, and I was able to drive smoothly and comfortably even on a slalom course that I am not used to.

Make the steering mode of the Tesla model X a sport and experience slalom-YouTube

Next, I set the steering mode of Model X to 'Comfort' suitable for city riding and experienced slalom. Even in the comfort, there is little shaking and you can drive comfortably, but the steering wheel is clearly lighter than when it was set for sports, and it feels like the play part has increased a little. Therefore, the angle to turn the steering wheel is slightly larger than in sports. You can switch steering, such as sports in places with many narrow roads, where comfort is required, and comfort in large urban areas.

Make the steering mode of the Tesla model X comfortable and experience slalom-YouTube

Furthermore, while driving by a Tesla Japan staff, they experienced riding comfort and the touch panel in the center while trying on a model X traveling on a public road.

Anyway, the noise during driving is quiet because it is an electric car. Smooth running with less shaking, you can also afford to enjoy the view from the large front window.

Navigation using Google map can be displayed on the center vertical 17-inch touch panel.

Air conditioning, audio, seat adjustment, etc. can be operated from this touch panel.

In addition, with the model X, all doors can be automatically opened and closed from the touch panel, so it seems convenient to transfer

In addition, Tesla cars have a built-in SIM, which enables communication with LTE. The telecommunications charge of SIM is to be borne by Tesla, and there is always a good connection to the Internet. Therefore, there was no need for maintenance to update the navigation map or update the firmware. In addition, it has a voice recognition function, so it is possible to display information on nearby stores and spots on the navigation system.

You can also connect to the Internet by launching a browser on the touch panel. However, it seems that YouTube is set to not play movies.

Of course you can connect to Wi-Fi.

In addition to playing music in conjunction with a smartphone ...

You can also listen to podcasts using LTE.

Since it is Google map, you can also switch to aerial photography. We could also use the navigation-like function of overlapping and displaying congestion information.

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