The world's fastest super car "Lamborghini Urakan Perforumte" test drive review, the world's fastest thrown out, the charm of a devil that captivates car lovers?

Super car with the highest power 640 horsepower boasting the strongest V10 engine in the history of Lamborghini, tuned to the body, aerodynamics, control system, it is Lamborghini "Urakan PerfornteThat's it. The highest speed exceeded 325 km, and at the Nürburgring · North Shreifay (North Course) which is a sports car benchmark "6 minutes 52 seconds 01Since I was able to test the hot car which threatens the threat time called "time" with the stage of Fuji Speedway, one of the full-scale international circuits that the world dreams of the world, I would like to tell you its charm.

Lamborghini Huracán Performante - specs, pictures, videosモデル/huracan/huracan-performante

Lamborghini Urakan Perforumte is a model released at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2017 as a high performance model of the base 'Urakan'. According to the car name which has the meaning of "performance" in English, it has the strongest performance of the series by adopting active aero dynamics and improving the engine output and suspension tuning, body control technology and engine.

This time, I was able to ascertain its performance to the fullest with Fuji Speedway set as the stage. On the day, in addition to Urakan Perforum (right), the latest version of V12 Lambo 'Aventador S' (left) was also prepared, which was a unique opportunity to compare the performance of both cars at once. Although it is similar to the two in appearance, it is not mistake if it is Aventador that there is an air scoop in the opening that takes in the air behind the door.

Lamborghini seemingly, Urakan Perforum with a body shape that tries to stand low and go down to prey. It is characterized by big rear spoiler being added.

At the bottom of the front bumper, equipped with an electric front spoiler for controlling aerodynamics. This is part of the system called "Aerodynamica / Lamborghini Attiha (ALA)" which actively controls the aerodynamics, it changes in 0.5 seconds according to the running condition of the car body, and the optimum aerodynamic characteristics To realize.

A layout where the driver sits nearly in the center of the car body.

Speaking of Lamborghini is reminiscent of a gull wing door (to be exact, "scissors door"), but the Ulakan which is the "baby rambo" equipped with the V 10 engine adopts a general lateral opening type. Alcantara fabric of dark color is used on the entire surface for the material of the lining, and stitches (stitches) of the same color are included.

Green perforum tea was equipped with full bucket seat made of carbon fiber which is set as optional.

In order to minimize the height of the seat as much as possible, a lateral fastening type seat rail for fixing the seat with bolts from the side is used.

A normal seat looks like this. I felt a little big for Japanese, but the support feeling was generally good.

Layout where small steering fit in nearly the same position as the driver's eyes. In the lower part of the steering wheel, a red switch for switching the running mode of "Strada" "Sport" "Corsa" is arranged. Also, on the back side of the steering wheel, a shift paddle for gear shifting is attached.

The pedal consists of two pedals, only an accelerator and a brake, of course there is no clutch pedal. The accelerator pedal is an organ pedal type whose fulcrum is a fulcrum, and the brake pedal is a hanging type hanging from the top.

At the top of the center console, a display capable of displaying information such as water temperature and oil temperature is embedded. Below that, the door opening and closing of the door, the ESC (side-slip prevention) function, the switch such as the hazard lamp etc. line up, furthermore the switch of the air conditioner, car navigation system, car audio etc. continues. The red part in the center console center part is the engine start switch, lifting the red lever and pushing the switch, ritual operation increases the feeling of the driver. The "R", "P", "N" buttons below it are shift select switches, and you can press almost all the gear shifts with paddles on the back of the handle by pushing the "manual mode" switch that glows red in the bottom of the screen It will be like.

The instrument panel is a multi-information display using a liquid crystal display, and it is possible to perform display optimized for running mode. This screen is the one in the "Corsa" mode which is most specialized in running, and it is designed to make engine revolution the most visible.

In the most basic "Strada" mode, a circular tachometer is displayed in the center of the screen, and water temperature, gasoline remaining amount, speed, etc. are displayed on the left and right sides.

In the multi information display using the liquid crystal display, it is possible to display the car navigation screen in this way ... ....

It is possible to put it in the state of "almost the entire car navigation".

In "sport" mode, a part of the meter is displayed in yellow and you can feel the running feeling more than the "strada" mode. Information on the car body was displayed on the right side of the screen.

A huge spoiler is settled on the rear. And the two thick exhaust pipes lifted to a higher position than the normal model produce a racy atmosphere in appearance, they also improve the exhaust efficiency and lead to power-up. If you look closely, the black spoiler at the bottom of the bumper also has a wing shape.

A part of the bumper, a black part where a gray pattern emerges is used innovative material "Forged Composite" which can be said to be lightweight. It is formed by embedding carbon short fibers in the resin (resin) which is the base material of the composite material, and maintaining the light weight structure which was considered impossible with the conventional carbon fiber composite, and the complex geometric shape Lamborghini's own material which makes it possible to realize both. Ulakan Perforumte has succeeded in reducing the total body weight by 40 kg by using this forged composite for structural parts such as the body, front and rear spoiler, engine bonnet, rear bumper, aerodynamic diffuser and so on.

A 5.2 liter V10 engine placed in the midship to be buried in the body. Although it is a natural intake type that does not use a supercharger like a turbo, it is the strongest V10 engine in Lamborghini history, which generates 640 hp (horsepower) at 8000 rpm and 600 Nm at 6500 rpm. Also optimized for the exhaust system, realizing an emotional engine sound like a race car when high performance. Although it can not be confirmed by the photograph, by adopting a dual clutch for the drive system, it carries a seven-speed dual clutch transmission (LDF) that enables acceleration with less seams at the time of gear shifting and drives all four tires.

There is an air intake at the rear end of the engine room on the right side of the screen, and the inhaled air is sucked into the engine in front through a large air cleaner box. In the upper part of the engine, metal reinforcement bars are attached to the cross so as to connect the partition wall behind the driver and the attachment part of the rear suspension, and the rigidity of the car body is improved.

In the following movie, the situation of manipulating Urakan Performan and driving the Fuji Speedway to the full open is shown. With the comfortable sound and lightly blowing up the V10 engine upgraded near 9000 rpm, the speed grew steadily and eventually marked 289 km / h. However, during that time the car body was extremely stable and never felt uneasy. Rather, despite such a scene, a glimpse of a part of the height of attractiveness as a product is found where comfortable cold air comes out of the air conditioner's louver at "Sawaya". And above all, it faithfully accepted the operation of the steering wheel and the pedal, it tasted no less than the charm of Urakanperformante which shows the behavior which the driver sometimes exceeds, as the driver wishes.

Nuru's fastest title "Lamborghini Urakan Perforum Te" at the Fuji Speedway test drive review - YouTube

When you actually grasp the handle, the first thing that you can feel is always a steady movement of the car body. The steering wheel did not become light at all even in the vicinity of the highest speed, and I got the impression that it was running as if sucking on the ground, but this seems to be said thanks to the aerodynamic characteristics by ALA mentioned above. Also, you can feel the high performance of the car body even at full braking from the highest speed. When full braking with "1.4 km / h" from 289 km / h, the Pirelli P Zero Corsor, front 245/30 R20 and rear 305/30 R20, will start a surprising deceleration G. At that time, the car body tries to rampage right and left, but as the four tires stepped on, the appearance that all the tires slowly decelerate while coming back and forth between the slip and grip boundaries is " One thing, "Wonderful!" Also, on the day a few drivers had to repeat the circuit attack all the time, but the carbon ceramic brakes did not even show signs of fade due to overheating.

And of course, there is no complaints about high motor performance. When decelerating from the straight toward the corner, when the load movement and the steering operation by the braking are decided, the nose turns to the inside of the corner so as to be played as "Pearn!", While generating a yaw moment like corner while apex It falls into the illusion that the car moves by oneself towards the clipping point. And after passing through the corner, the high traction performance unique to midship and high aerodynamic performance, and the ESC that keeps the car body position at optimum, will accelerate at the same time in coordination with the next corner ... ... That state is exactly what the driver and the car It was obvious that I wanted to express that the system of each part was united like an orchestra and that it would run as a horse along the course while playing a sensual engine sound.

Also, on the day the test ride with the Gymkhana course was done. I felt that it was too small for a 640 horsepower supercar with a small course that I could run with only 1st gear but I would like to note that the result was a misery. Perforumante who runs through the course on which the pylon is settled should have been around 70 km / h at the highest speed, but there is no sign that the front tire grips the road and got the understeer. Controlling acceleration and deceleration with only accelerator control, the appearance of clearing the corner with Hirarihirari is attacked by a shock that seems to make saying "What was the gymkaa you've ever had ??"

Even if I remember now, it was a drive that I could experience as much as it was, that the world of high-level driving pleasure that is unique to "super car" is spread out there, which I can not taste in "sports cars". With my driving skill, of course I could not fully demonstrate the ability of "Null 6: 52 Seconds", but while exploring the vicinity of the limits of the car and tires, I have overwhelming performance and reliable The pleasant feeling of running a machine and running as you wish is something that can not be replaced by anything else.

This Urakan Perforumte is an amount enough to purchase newly built houses with land if in the suburbs. Even if you look over the whole of Japan, people who pay that amount to one car with a pon will not, and most people will not have known this world and will have a whole life. However, in the test drive of this time, the "super car world" including the Lamborghini surely existed there, and it was noticed that the enchanting world which is unable to resist can be spread. This performance and pleasure can not be released in the city surely, but there is no way to bring it to the circuit like this time, but owning a car with such performance and rolling through the city means " It's a luxury of you ". There is another "happiness" in the world of this supercar which most people can not know. Touch the appeal that appeals even to such a deep psychology that motivation of doing your best to realize a life with Lamborghini, or to succeed in entrepreneurship will come from the bottom of my heart It was a test drive.

Finally, I would like to inform you the parts of the presentation on Urakan Perforum, which was held before the test ride, that we did not mention in the text. Ulakan Perforumte realized the weight reduction of the car body by introducing new materials into the base "Urakan", the V10 engine which was powered up, the undercarriage which was tightened up more automatically, and automatically according to the situation High performance is realized by adding optimized active and aerodynamics.

Suspension is set for track (circuit) orientation to achieve higher performance, the vertical rigidity of the spring is increased by 10%, the roll rigidity is increased by 15%. Also, by enhancing the rigidity of the bushings of the arm, the controllability to the lateral G is also greatly enhanced. In steering, EPS (Electronic Power Steering) that changes reaction characteristics according to speed is installed, and the gear ratio variable "Lamborghini dynamic steering (LDS)" is set as an option and " Corsa "mode realizes a more direct steering feeling.

In the chassis control technology, "ANIMA", which changes the character of the technology car by changing driving force distribution, vehicle body attitude control (ESC), ABS control etc. according to the purpose, is new, tuning is done in each part There. "Strada" which realizes traction and stability, "Sports" which changes characteristics to the rear wheel drive side, improves driving pleasure, "Corsa specializing in running and making performance and handling behavior the top priority" Three modes are also followed.

Also, during cornering, we adopted "aero vectoring" technology that creates force in the turning direction by changing the aerodynamic characteristics of the left and right sides of the body. For example, at the time of the right corner, it is possible to generate a downforce by operating the right spoiler, generate a yaw moment that the vehicle body turns to the right using air resistance while raising the grip of the tire .

With these technologies, Urakan Perforum has realized tremendous performance of 2.9 seconds acceleration at 0-100 km / h, over 325 km / h at maximum speed, 8.9 seconds at 0-200 km / h acceleration. By doing this, the time of the threat of "6 minutes 52 seconds 01" in Germany · Nürburgring has been struck out.

This is the fastest lap time of commercial vehicles as of October 2016, exceeding the time of the high-performance cars such as Porsche 918 Spider, Lamborghini Aventador SV, Nissan GT-R NISMO and so on.

Lamborghini Urakan Perforumte with such performance and charm, a really sinful car.

In addition, on the day of the interview, we also tried on the Lamborghini top model "Aventador S". In the following article, I wrote about the interesting points that I felt about comparing both cars.

Lamborghini's aura wearing "Aventador S" fully open with Fuji Speedway, feeling with the body "Lamborghini world" What? - GIGAZINE

◆ "Lamborghini Urakan Perforum Te" Main Specifications

Body size: Total length × Full width × Total height = 4506 × 2236 × 1165 mm (Full width excluding mirror 1924 mm)
Wheelbase: 2620 mm
Vehicle weight: 1282 kg (dry weight)
Minimum rotation diameter: 11.5 m (diameter)
Boarding capacity: 2 people
Driving method: AWD (Electronically controlled all wheel drive) Automatic mechanical type Operation fixing device (rear wheel)
Engine: 90 ° V 10 cylinder DOHC 40 valve
Total displacement: 5204 cm³
Transmission: 7 speed dual clutch AT
Maximum power: 640 hp (470 kW) / 8000 rpm
Maximum torque: 600 Nm / 6500 rpm
Power Weight Ratio: 2.15 kg / HP
Oil lubrication: dry sump method
Tire: (front) Pirelli P Zero Crosser 245/30 R20 / (after) 305/30 R20
Price: 31,638,800 yen (excluding tax)

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