Ferrari's 70th anniversary commemorative event "Driven by Emotion" that will be held in Japan, with price of 400 million yen · 963 horsepower super class december "La Ferrari Aparta" also appeared

Italy's sports car · super car maker "Ferrari" is holding events all over the world to commemorate the 70th anniversary of establishmentDriven by Emotion (driven by passion)"Will be held in Japan from October 12 (Thursday) to 14 (Sat) in 2017. On the 12th, the first day of the event, a press conference was held at both the National Kokugikan of Tokyo, which will be the venue, and a total of 963 horsepower was generated with a combination of the V12 engine and the electric motor, and the highest peak of Ferrari that the price exceeded 400 million yen Super car "La Ferrari Aparta"Was unveraled on the ring (stage imitating).

Ferrari 70th Anniversary in Japan

La Ferrari Aparta placed in front of the word "Driven by Emotion". It was announced in 2016 with an open car model of Ferrari's first hybrid car "La Ferrari" (2013) combining the 6262 cc V 12 cylinder engine with an electric motor. It is limited production of only 209 units, and the price is said to be 400 million yen, but it was sold out when it was exhibited at the 2016 Paris · motor show. After that, when only 210 units of La Ferrari Aparta were additionally produced and put on the auction, the episode that this bid will be bought at a price of 8.3 million euros (about 1,080 million yen) is also its charismatic It is spurring.

On October 12, 2017, I came to the bilateral palace which is the venue for the event. There are dozens of new and old Ferrari in the surroundings of the building, and six Ferraris such as "812 Super Fast" and "GTC 4 Russo" are displayed before Rotary in front of the both countries, and a crowd of people is made .

The front gate of both countries' Kokugikan also showed up this way and it is informed that it is an event to be held extensively.

In front of the building there are a number of such as "250 GT SWB" (1961), "Dino 206 GT" (1968), "F 40" (1988) and "Testarossa" (1985) which built the history of Ferrari Famous cars are exhibited in one place. The exhibited vehicle will be posting another article later, so please look forward to it.

The reception lobby is also Ferrari color.

Anyway the inside of the hall is Ferrari 1 color. When entering the venue through a lighted up aisle ... ...

In the center of do of Kokugikan, what is amberaed after this after a stage imitating the ringLa Ferrari Aparta"Is put in and it has passed through the liver.

Inside the venue tailored for Ferrari events, with its huge hung roof intact. In spite of the culture of Japan and Italy, there are plenty of plenty in the center of the ring, and you will notice speech like that.

"Is there La Ferrari Aparta under that bright red veil ...?", The moment the breasts are swelling in hopes.

Inside the venue, the booth of Veuve Clicquot, a partner of Ferrari in Japan ... ...

A Hubu booth is also installed.

Sumo Taiko started to tell the event start. The high-pitched taiko sound "Kan, Kakan" will echo the venue.

Following the drumming, Mr. Reno Depaori, president of Ferrari Japan & Korea Representative Director, Mr. De Paoly who watched the September place before the event witnessed the sumo wrestling that sumo wrestler said "It felt spiritual feeling". And by the time it entered the curtain, that feeling changed to "feelings". "Power" expressed by sumo is accomplished by outstanding skill and experience, it is shared with the values ​​of Ferrari and the 70th anniversary event of Ferrari at the bilateral gymnasium, sumo wrestling sacred sites I talked about the significance of having been opened.

Next, Mr. Dieter Kunhitel of Ferrari Far East / Middle East Area Chief Executive Officer introduced Mr. Ferrari's history. Ferrari originally sent out the production car on March 12, 1947, and for the past 70 years since then Ferrari has delivered a number of famous cars to the world. "Even if the model changes, consistently flowing there is a word of" passion ", getting a Ferrari is not simply to own a car, but dreams and history, various passions, Italy It is to respectfulness of Ferrari and the importance of "passion", that is to respect all that was built up by the craftsmen's enthusiasm and high abilities.

And the moment of Amber now finally. After the performance by the bossi, the appearance of Amberle after the sound and image of the powerful force was such a feeling.

Ferrari 'La Ferrari Aparta' is unveiled in the doors of the two National Kokugikan - YouTube

La Ferrari Aparta is a super car with a hybrid power train of V12 engine plus electric motor dusting 963 horsepower total as described above.

Sideline of a form to be low. I have a body line with a feeling of volume a little before in which Ferrari's design taste to be succeeded from around around the model "Enzo" in 2002 is felt.

The red character line drawn from the rear wheel to the tail lamp is an impressive angle. It is an accent that strongly insists the line leading from the front wheel fender to the rear wheel through the door and to the spoiler shaped duck tail. Several red lines are drawn on the car body besides this, and I strongly impress the flowing body line.

The rear end is equipped with a round tail lamp according to the grammar of Ferrari design. From behind the ultra-wide rear tire with a width of 355 mm, two left and right exhaust pipes can peek at the face. In order to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics at ultra high speed driving, La Ferrari is designed to cover the bottom of the body flat and lift the rear end like a racing car to generate downforce (force to push the car against the ground) It is. Two huge diffuser tunnels visible between the tires have built-in flaps that look like gray.

A rod extending from the body side is attached to the flap via a pillopole. The onboard computer judges from the vehicle speed and the steering angle of the steering wheel etc, and at the time of high speed running it lowers the flap, decreases the air resistance, increases the maximum speed, raises the flap at the time of braking or cornering to generate more downforce It is getting.

When you open the rear cover, you can not see almost anything covered by the intake duct but you can store the motor of the 6262cc V12 engine with maximum output of 800 horsepower and the Ferrari hybrid system "HY - KERS" that produces maximum output 163 horsepower It is done. It generates overwhelming power of 963 horsepower as a whole system and demonstrates explosive power performance through 7 speed dual clutch transmission. 0 to 100 km / h Acceleration is less than 3 seconds, boasts astonishing specs with a maximum speed of over 350 km / h.

For car body weight reduction, La Ferrari Aparta adopts manual soft top. You can open it by rolling up the soft top like a Honda · S 660 or Lotus · Elysee.

Around the cockpit is like this. It is an interior that combines black Alcantara with a panel of carbon, and a red line is drawn on the seat and instrument panel is a design motif common to the exterior.

Left and right doors jump up obliquely upward.

From this angle, you can see that the monocoque is tightened narrowly compared to the full width of the body. Of course there are reasons for this.

The reason is optimization to make maximum use of aerodynamics. Air entering the bottom of the car from the front tires is rectified and guided to the body side, and aerodynamic design has been made to flow efficiently to the rear of the body while generating downforce.

The driver sits low on a monocoque with a large side sill

Drivers' seat which only owners who are selected can make themselves.

On the steering wheel, switches such as turn signal lights and lights, engine start buttons, knobs for switching body control modes, etc. are laid out.

The meter has become a multi-information panel using a liquid crystal display as per the style of a high performance car of recent years. The upper part of the steering wheel seems to have embedded LED lamps to notify the shift timing.

Around the steering wheel seen from the passenger's seat side. Characteristic outlet of air conditioner such as exhaust pipe.

Between the right and left seats, there is a large center tunnel to increase the rigidity of the car body, and the carbon pattern is exposed.

On the periphery of the center tunnel, shift switching buttons, hazard switches, side glass traveling switches, etc. are arranged.

By the way, looking around the meter from outside the car is like this. You can see that it is tailored to a very unique design.

In front of the passenger's seat, the emblem of "LaFerrari Aperta".

It is interior wrapped with carbon material and Alcantara which is a high-class material.

A red line is also placed in the front of the car body and the bonnet, and the sharpness is emphasized.

The nose part, of course Ferrari's emblem.

Wheels Gigantic composite material disk rotor seems quietly to convey power. By the way, the tire size was 265/30 ZR 19 for the front wheels, 345/30 ZR 20 for the rear wheels, the brand was "Pirelli PZERO CORSA".

In front of the rear tire, there was an emblem attached to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Ferraris.

After the presentation, the bossi once again entered ... ...

I handed one fan to Mr. De Paoly and Mr. Kunehirter.

To the folding fan, the letter of "Ferrari Driven Emotion Celebration" by Shonosuke Kimura, 34th generation's official. There was a ceremony at which a fan to commemorate the event was handed over.

This La Ferrari Aparta will start on October 13 and will participate in a rally event that goes around the scenic spot of Japan, so it seems to be able to see the actual appearance. Even GIGAZINE, I will report on the day that the rally will start so please look forward to it.

The slide that Mr. Kunehitel introduced, looking back on the history of the 70th anniversary of Ferraris was as follows.

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