Mazda "RX-VISION" expanding expectation of the world's first public release, Rotary sports revival appears at Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Open to the public from October 30, Friday 2015Tokyo Motor Show 2015At the Mazda booth, the concept model of next-generation rotary sports "RX-VISION"And others are on display. I entered the press day and saw the moment of its disclosure.

On the main stage of the hall, a show car to which a black veil was hung is settled. This should be a model that will be the concept of the next generation rotary sports ... ....

A briefing began, a presentation by the President of Mazda's small farmer (Kogai) was held, and the name of the concept model that symbolizes Mazda's vision is "RX-VISION"It was officially announced that it was.

After a short image movie is displayed before the veil up, it turns into a lighting that makes you feel Seoul Red symbolizing recent Mazda ... ....

The unveiled veil was removed and the car body revealed its appearance. A moment when you can not keep your heart out if you like cars.

A veil up is done and you can watch the appearance of a complete revolution of the car in the following movie. (The flash of the camera blinks violently)

The moment the unveiling of Mazda's Rotary Sports Concept "RX-VISION" is removed - YouTube

Appearance of RX-VISION released. The form incorporating the pentagonal grille of recent years has a new style while feeling the connection with Mazda Sports · RX - 7 so far, while having a low body and compact driver space. On the other hand, press lines of the body which are often seen around Axela, Demio, CX - 3 are not very emphasized, and feeling in common with the Roadster is perceived in the case where it is composed of simple aspects.

It is also interesting that a pattern like carbon fiber appears in the rim / spoke part of the wheel.

Two-shot with Minorukechi manager and Mr. Maeda Norio Maeda.

The details of the body is exactly like the "concept model", but when the commercial cars appear, they are not interested in what style they will be.

Mazda's concept model that is in line with RX-VISION, "Yue (KOERU)" was also exhibited. It is also a model that is also seen as the next CX - 7.

Despite the same SUV style as CX - 3 etc, the design which increased remarkably remarkably seems to be the thing that the momentum of Mazda of recent years and the design quality condensed.

The molding around the rear makes the atmosphere common to the old CX - 7 feel, while the silver garnish wrapped around the lamp makes you feel the recent tide.

Volume sense tail part. Muffler has two left and right bumper integrated type.

Although I could not open the door, the interior also follows Mazda current in recent years as it is. Molding around the meter where the tachometer is placed in front of the driver is also like grammar.

Sharp eyes and a pentagonal grill stands like a wall. It is a place to worry about how much it will be reflected in commercial vehicles.

The design of "KOERU" seems to be finished in a stage which makes the feeling close to the final shape quite pretty. I am anxious when the commercial version will appear.

In addition to the current line-up of Atenza, Accelera, Demio etc. at the Mazda booth ......

"Cosmo Sports" of the first rotary sports was also exhibited.

"Roadster RS" added to the roadster lineup

Also, roadster based competition vehicles were also exhibited.

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