In Yamaha, a three-seater off-road vehicle "VIKING" North American vehicles are exhibited

Entry into a four wheeled vehicle from the bike worldYamaha Motor has revealed the attitude to balance, already sold four-wheeled vehicles for leisure for North America. At the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 venue, such a car "VIKING" was on display.

A design that seems to be an off-road dedicated vehicle at a glance

The car body composed only of a frame and a simple outer plate

Equipped with a platform behind the cabin, it is used for a wide range of applications such as leisure applications such as hunting and farming.

With a sharp eyed design and camouflage-like painting, there was force like glaring.

Equipped with three row seats in the cabin

Various equipments are also provided to enhance safety even in case of overturning

It is equipped with a long suspension arm to improve running performance on rough roads. Tire is also a real full-scale off-road type of block.

The engine is a four wheel buggy for North America "GrizzlyThe 700 cc single cylinder engine installed in the engine is adopted.

Although it seems that traveling on public roads is not accepted even in the United States, it seems that it is also used for riding on a trailer at a leisure destination or running in the mountains of private property. It seems that the price in North America is about 13,000 dollars (about 1.3 million yen).

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