10 bicycles that are strange and bizarre, such as "camelid bicycle" and "hairy bicycle"

There are ten strange strange and interesting bikes that rarely meet in everyday life, such as "camelid bicycle" or "bicycle using wood as it is" or "hairy bicycle".

Although it is a bicycle that seems to be quite practical, it seems that I will think twice when I see it in town.

The strange and strange bicycle is from the following.Top 10 Unique Bikes | UniqueDaily.com

1: Bicycle with bumper

Even if you mistakenly crash into a telephone pole or the like, it is likely to be able to ease the shock bicycle. I am concerned that the movable range of the steering wheel to the left and right seems to be considerably narrow.

2: Camel type bicycle

A camel-shaped bicycle whose head is strangely realistic. Although it is perfect for the desert, I feel that it seems difficult to balance.

3: Flamingo bicycle

A bicycle with lavishly flamingo on the car body. It is an impact that it seems to gather eyes of the town.

4: Shaggy Bicycle

A bicycle like an animal wearing this fur of Mojamoja feels like it will be disastrous if it gets wet in the rain.

5: Yarn bicycle

Bicycle wrapped in wool with color of red, green, blue etc. I am worried whether the yarn will not come off even if I run.

6: Bicycle with carrier

A loading platform is attached between the front wheel and the steering wheel, so that it is possible to carry something big to some extent.

7: Bicycle with bicycle drawn

Handles and saddles, bicycles with tires visible. Although the whole (the imaginary diagram of) is drawn in the box, whether it really really contains a proper bicycle in ... ....

8: Parent and child bicycle

You can assume a style that parents sit in the middle, and children run on front and behind.

9: Bicycle for tall girls

It is a fancy bicycle based on pink, but because the car height is rather high, it feels like it will not be able to ride unless it is an adult.

10: Bicycle using wood as it is

This bicycle is composed of wood as much as possible without using metal, and is a place to worry about durability and ride comfort. Nonetheless, is not it a ride that the bicycle which is an ecological ride even more naturally gentle?

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