The application "Poptopia" smells popcorn when playing games

Popcorn manufacturer'sPop SecretBut, touching the screen makes popcorn "PoptopiaWe released a game application named "Game". At first glance it is not different from ordinary smartphone application, but in fact the terrible function is hidden, if you play the game by inserting the exclusive "Pop Dongle" device into the earphone jack, the smell of popcorn It is released from the device and makes the user happy.

Pop Secret app pops up a popcorn scent

You may not know what you are talking about, but if you look at the following movies you may find it easier to attach images.

The Pop Dongle by Pop Secret: The First-Ever Smellable Mobile Game - YouTube


Here too nose

This is also the human nose.

The past games were to see with the eyes, enjoying with the sound and playing.

But using this Pop Dongle, you can enjoy games using "nose" in addition to eyes and ears.

It's easy to use, insert Pop Dongle into iPhone's earphone jack ......

All I have to do is play Poptopia.

If you play Poptopia with Pop Dongle inserted, pop smell of popcorn is released from Pop Dongle ......

A tasty smell stimulates the nose.

Susuke and play the game ......

Sweet smell! It is Poptopia that you can enjoy games while enjoying the smell with the feeling like.

Pop Dongle, an odor generating device,Currently on sale at auction format on eBay. The number of sales was only 3, one of which was awarded at 315 dollars (about 33,000 yen). In addition, all sales of this auction seems to be donated to the American Red Cross.

Pop Dongle can smell popcorn about 500 to 1000 times, but you can not supplement the fragrance that becomes the source of this smell. Also, Pop Dongle needs to be charged after charging via USB.

To smell from Pop Dongle, swiping it when "Butter" appears during Poptopia play is OK. When you swipe the butter, a certain audible sound comes out, which becomes the trigger and the smell of popcorn comes out.

Poptopia can be installed from the App Store.

Poptopia by Pop Secret on the App Store on iTunes

This idea of ​​"crossing the smartphone with the smell" is not new, and the idea of ​​"ScenteeThere is also an application using the fragrance called "scent".

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