In fact, the value of about 8 million yen was worth the "huge stone" picked up by the beach

A rarity took place in fact that the value of 50,000 pounds (about 8 million yen) was worth "stone" of intense smell that happened to find when a couple walked along the beach.

Couple stunned after stumbling across chunk of WHALE VOMIT on beach - and it could be worth £ 50,000 - Mirror Online

When Gary William and Angela William take a walk on the Middleton coast in Lancashire situated in the northwestern part of the United Kingdom, they smell an intense smell like a rotten fish, find a strange object looking like a stone He said that. Two are raw materials for perfume, excretion of very expensive sperm whale "YongzhaoI wrote this huge chunk with newspaper and brought it home.

This is actually discovered Longzhou.

Ryukyusa is a stone that occurs in the intestine of a sperm whale. The reason why sperm whale produces calculus and discharge detailed reason is still unknown yet, but it is thought that it protects the body by making stones by digestive secretions by digestive secretions. It is a smell like a rotten fish, but it is said that it is ripening to a good aroma like musk while drifting over the sea for a long time because of its lighter weight than water . Mr. William of the discovery at the time of discovery, "It is like a candle with a solid rubber ball, feels like a wax or a candle with a unique odor like squid and farm fertilizer mixed. And a thing like a wax attached to my fingers. "

Weighing the lumps brought back by Williams, weighing 1.57 kg. In 2013, 2.7 kg of Longrion aroma was found in Lancashire Province, and the price at that time also reached 120,000 pounds (about 19 million yen).

The couple is negotiating a price with the buyer, "I would like to buy a trailer house that I have dreamed of for many years if this lyric bonito is worth it."

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In addition, Ryuko Oka is a British boy in 2012Things worth about 40,000 pounds (about 5 million yen),Two male pairs worth equivalent to 500,000 pounds (about 67 million yen)I have found.

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