A baby died after taking a mother's breast milk

When the mother raised breast milk to the baby, it seems that an incident occurred that the baby will be breathed the next morning. The cause seems to have been breast milk made to drink the day before, and the mother is charged with negligence fatal charges.

Let's see why breast milk caused the baby to die.

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Baby dies after breastfeeding on drunk mother's milk / MosNews.com

Located in western RussiaSaranskA woman living in the city called "28 years old" is a mother of one child, and he often drinks from usual times, and even before babies lose their lives, they also consume alcohol from other than alcohol, such as taking pure alcohol diluted with water I heard that it was also taken.

I got mother's milk to the baby in a state that I was not getting drunk on a night when I ingested a large amount of alcohol, and it seems that the baby was breathing out the next morning on the bed. When examining the cause of death, it turned out to be an acute alcohol poisoning. The breast milk was given to the baby and it was thought that breast milk might have contained a large amount of alcohol because it was immediately after taking alcohol.

The woman is sued for negligence and lethal crime and it seems that he may be imprisoned within two years.

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