A typewriter-like keyboard that seems to be able to hear stingy tones

The type writer which there is little feeling that ordinary people are seeing anymore and has become a presence in old-fashioned movies. In the past it was an item indispensable for writing a handwritten document or writing oral writing, and a typist who beats a typewriter was a representative woman's occupation.

It is a typewriter-like keyboard that seems to be a fancy key striking sound like Kashakasha that reminds me of such age. It is not just a pretendous gadget but it seems to be used properly.

Details are as below.
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Chic design.

It has a ten key properly.

The keystroke is deeper.

The space key is engraved with "CINEMA 16: 9".

Located in PennsylvaniaCinema 16: 9It is said that it is actually being used in a shop called.

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