Review and repositories that can easily use physical checkouts at events & spot sale such as Comiket Review

When accounting for goods such as comic, etc. at the spot sale or the event, the seller side is forced to compile the analog number of recording the number of items sold in "letter", and if you calculate using a calculator it will take time to spend with fishing Also. So, using the iPhone application, it was easy to introduce a physical cash register "Register"is. I tried to verify what kind of item it actually used.

Register Puri Regala for spot sale

You can check how you actually use the regrinder from the following movie.

I tried using "Regripler" which can introduce physical cash register to spot sale or event - YouTube

The regpira arrived in a box like this.


Inside was a wooden regpira body and transparent plastic parts.

The size of the main body is 116 mm in width × 97 mm in length.

The thickness is about 2 cm, and when you attach the stand to this, the height becomes 58 mm.

When opening a wooden box with a crackling feeling like this. Although there is also an unassembled kit that requires soldering, the registra is a version that has already been purchased.

First, I will put two AA batteries.

Close the box again and install the plastic parts ......

To the smartphone stand.

You can set up your smartphone with the following feeling.

Next, load the QR code written on the box containing the main body.

Then, the tip of the QR code was a page like the following. This page shows how to assemble the unassembled version of the regulator and how to use the application. First you need to install the application, so tap "From here" surrounded by a red frame.

Tap "Get".

Tap "Install" ......

Open the application.

First of all, since it is necessary to connect the regisher main body and the application, tap "Settings".

Enter the serial number written on the board of the regrapler main body and tap "HOME".

Next, tap "Product registration".

Tap "Yes".

Enter "Product name" "Price" "Number of stocks" and so on.

By tapping the camera icon on the left side of the screen, you can take pictures of products and add them from the album.

Confirm that "sale" is checked by default and press "save".

Then, the product is displayed like this.

So I will actually try using the regrapler. Turn on the switch on the board ... ...

Tap 'Accounting at checkout' on iPhone's application screen set up on the main unit stand.

Follow "To turn on Bluetooth" and follow it ...

"Connected" is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

After that, if you push a physical button, the application will be accounting in conjunction.

So I tried to introduce a practical regiser.

I usually use a calculator for accounting ... ...

This time shoot products with iPhone, register price and stock number etc in the registrar.

I will use it instead of a calculator.

When you press the physical button located directly under the item displayed on iPhone screen, sales number will be added.

Although only 3 items are displayed on one screen, more products can be registered, and when you swipe the screen, more products will be displayed.

If you push the physical button under the item also OK.

When accounting, press the ENTER button on the bottom right.

Then the screen changes. Together with the total amount of the item, it will show up at the bottom right of the screen, "How much money will I receive if I receive money?" This product which displays automatically automatically because you have to recalculate your fishing by combination if you place prices such as 700 yen · 900 yen for goods very convenient. Tap "Final" ......

I will return to the screen of accounting. Since the number of sales so far is displayed under the product, it is convenient for checking the stock.

Furthermore, tap "Revenue Recording" at the bottom right of the home screen.

With this feeling, you can check the sales for that day.

Is it possible to use iPad mini? I thought that I put it on the stand, but it is likely to collapse with weight. IPhone 6/6 Plus or iPhone 6s / 6s Plus seems to be the limit.

In addition, the finished product is 8000 yen including tax, the assembled kit is 5000 yen including tax, in BOOTH of the online store, it is in stock waiting status at the time of article creation, so that you can receive the arrival notification mail.

【Factory direct delivery】 Respira finished product REGIPLA - 01 - TFF official online store - BOOTH (Doujinshi mail order · download)

【Factory direct delivery】 Register assembly kit REGIPLA - 01SK - Official TFF store - BOOTH (Doujinshi mail order · download)

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