I actually tried using "Square leader" which can make iPhone, iPad, etc. as a substitute for credit card payment checkout

Many shops do not introduce credit card terminals in small shops, stalls, etc. However, even if you do not purchase expensive terminals, it is easy for credit card payment to be possible using iPhone / iPad / Android "Square". Just by swiping the card and signing the device, using the reader of type to plug into the earphone jack and the register app, the settlement is completed in a blink of an eye. Sales management can also be done with each device.

Square - This is the smartest way for your business to work

That's why Square leader started handling on the Apple Store nationwide on May 29th, but when I went to buy on the release date I did not have items in the shop front yet, I took the item from the back of the shop I asked for it. It is an atmosphere with a different release date from the iPhone and iPad.

This is the package of Square leader actually purchased.

The back side looks like this. The price is 980 yen including tax, but if you register your account later, a bonus of 1000 yen will be transferred to your bank account.

There was a quick start guide and a main body of Square reader inside.

This is the Square leader body. The total length is about 4 cm.

The side is like this. There is a gap of about 2 mm, and I will go through a credit card here.

The connection with the smartphone is a mechanism to insert it in the earphone jack.

Looking at the iPhone 5 and trying this.

So I will actually purchase items with credit card using Square reader and iPhone. First install Square Respirator and start it. Since the keypad is displayed immediately after starting, it is OK even if you directly drive the price of the item here.

If the product lineup is fixed, it is convenient to pre-register the product. At this time, registration is a simple specification that it completes by attaching an image, entering a product name and price.

Registered items are displayed as a list with this feeling.

When you tap the item, the price of the item will be added to the treasurer.

It is also possible to increase or decrease the number of products or enter details.

You can also set taxes.

Once the price is decided, it is OK if you pass the credit card through the leader.

So I will swipe the credit card to Square reader.

The flow from swiping credit cards to signing can be seen from the following movies.

When you purchase items with iPhone using Square reader like this: YouTube

After swipe, I was asked for a signature like this.

Afterwards you can sign the purchaser OK. In addition, there is a cancel button on the left side of the screen and a continue button on the right side, and it is possible to cancel the settlement even if you have signed before pressing the continue button.

It is complete. The receipt can be sent as mail, SMS.

All history of sales can be confirmed from iPhone.

◆ Setting method

When using the application on the iPhone, first install Square Regiapuri on the iPhone.

Launch the application.

Click "Create Square account".

Fill in your e-mail address and password and tap "Register". In addition, the country name was set to Japan by default.

Tap Continue to "squareup.com/jp". Detailed settings are done on the website.

First of all, choose whether to use corporation or organization, or individual ownership. Specialty services, retail and other industries are also selected.

We will enter personal information such as name and address.

Next is the transfer place.

Specify the bank account and tap "Continue".

In addition, Square can register the account first and have Square reader main body sent free of charge. This time I have already bought a leader in the Apple store and I will select "No". Registration is complete. The bank account will be reviewed and after 2 to 3 business days you will be able to make payment with credit card.

Also, if you use the Square leader or Square Reserve Prison on iPad instead of iPhone, you can make more detailed settings and see the report and expand your options.

The home screen of the application was displayed for each category, unlike the iPhone which all the items were directly displayed.

Individual goods can also be added with options other than name and price, and size and stock can also be entered.

In the option, for example, registering "drink set" as a set menu is convenient for accounting.

If you activate the option when you select a product, the item will be the set price.

It is also possible to set various discounts such as employee allocation, annual discount, ladies' day and so on.

If you register popular items in advance, you can select products by flying directly to the page of popular items from the home screen without searching for items from the category.

You can also view the sales report for that day on the iPad.

In addition to credit cards, it is also possible to record settlement with cash, and it is possible to do main sales management with iPad.

How to use when purchasing items is the same as iPhone, simply tap the product name and simply swipe the credit card to the reader. .

Credit card is approved ......

The consumer signs and pays.

The product management, transaction list, details of deposit etc can be managed also from PC, even if you use each device properly according to the level of transaction you do OK.

If credit card and debit card with Visa or MasterCard logo are available, almost all cards issued overseas can be used almost, fee is 3.25% of transaction value when processing with swipe, 3.75% when manually entering It is getting. There is no fee at the time of registration, the lowest monthly fee, and each fee is deducted from the total amount of tax included in the transaction. With Square, even shops that had not previously introduced credit card terminals will be able to use credit cards easily, and it is expected that the possibilities of shops will be expanded.

In overseas headquarters Square, American Express and DISCOVER are also available as credit card, and furthermore it is easy to pay with smartphone "Square Wallet"And iPad to fully register"Square Stand"And so on are also being deployed and similar deployment should be done in Japan.

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