"Square leader" possible with smajo cleka settlement and "iPhone one case" case "Merchant Case"

Make credit card payment from smartphone just plug in headphone mini jack "Square leaderWas sold to individual business owners and others who could not introduce expensive credit card payment terminals. In the United States, all Starbucks stores were introduced, and in Japan, UNIQLO introduced in Tokyo and Ginza stores in October 2013 For example, the use of major companies has become conspicuous. It seems that Square leader can be used more conveniently, iPhone 5 / 5s case only "Merchant Case"Square and Griffin Technology jointly developed, reservation reception has started.

Square and Griffin Debut Merchant Case + Square Reader at CES 2014

Square Card Reader Case | Square Merchant | Griffin Technology

This is Merchant Case, it corresponds to iPhone 5 and 5s.

There is a space where the Square leader can be stored on the back of the case, and it seems that it will not lose a small Square leader.

To use the Square leader, just insert the Merchant Case on the iPhone and plug it into the earphone jack OK.

The Square leader is firmly fixed to the case, so there is no worry that it will drop off even if you shuffle your credit card with vigor.

Merchant Case assumes that it will be handed over with a credit card inserted in the Square leader and is finished in a design that is conscious of ease of slipping and slippage.

Because I place importance on durability, it feels a bit tasty in appearance, but it is very convenient to carry Square leader and iPhone together in one.

In addition, "Merchant Case + Square Reader for iPhone 5" with 1 Merchant Case and 1 Square leader can be booked at $ 19. 99 (2100 yen), but it is not compatible with delivery to Japan Hmm.

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