Office chair "The FreedMan Chair" keeps a healthy posture even if sitting for a long time developed by the osteopathologist

When sitting in a chair for a long time and doing work, you hurt your back,Cause of bad cholesterol increases cause of metabolic syndromeIt also becomes. An office chair that keeps the spine and pelvis in the right posture even if the bicycle doctor who was consulted from a patient who had hurt his back or waist with a sitting job for a long time, even if it sits for a long time "The FreedMan Chair"Was developed.

FreedMan Chair

The advantages and mechanisms of The FreedMan Chair can be checked from the following movies.

The FreedMan Chair - A better way to sit. By Simon Freedman - Kickstarter

Simon Friedman who developed The FreedMan Chair here is an osteopathologist living in the UK. The osteopathologist is recognized in the Diet as a medical doctor in the UK, but it is not accepted in Japan, medical care acting as an osteopathic doctor seems to be an act similar to medical treatment. In addition, in Japan, there is Azuma Massage Shiatsu and Judo Restraint as qualifications for performing manual therapy.

According to Mr. Friedman, when sitting on a chair, the back is straightened and the thigh is tilted 27 degrees downward from the horizontal from the horizontal position, the angle between the leg and the back becomes 90 degrees when seen from the side It is incorrect that it will be.

Also, it is not a proper posture that the spine turns to the letter "C".

The Freedman Chair designed and developed by Friedman himself in order to solve the "problem of health occurring from long-term sitting work" which is a problem all over the world.

The seating surface is inclined downward at 27 degrees, keeping the spine and pelvis in the correct posture even if sitting for a long time.

The seating surface is divided into two so as not to put a burden on waist and back even if weight is applied to the left or right side of the seat. The seat which is tilted towards the center is a perfect fit for the buttocks.

In order to firmly support the back, the back adopts a design that curves to the left and right. Also, by thinning the left and right sides of the back, there is the effect of relaxing the muscles around the spine.

The height specification is to adjust the seat by rotating the seat.

The caster part is a British furniture craftsmanThomas ChippendaleIt was made based on Mr. design.

The FreedMan Chair weighs 7 kg, about one-third to about a quarter of a typical office chair. We realized weight saving by minimizing the parts to be used, and we have become an office chair that considers the environment.

While The FreedMan Chair is currently recruiting Kickstarter for commercialization, as of November 14, 2013, it achieved the targeted amount of 175,000 pounds (about 29 million yen), and the product The conversion is almost certain. We will be able to get 1 The FreedMan Chair with investment of 319 pounds (about 50,000 yen) or more, we plan to correspond to mailing to Japan, but the shipping cost is undecided. The deadline is 16:44 on November 17, 2013, Japan time.

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