"The Språng Chair" in which a balance ball and a chair are fused that can help a diet and maintain a correct attitude

"Living without sitting" has numerous adverse effects on health and lifespanAlthough it is known as, it was developed to solve this "problem of life without sitting"The Språng Chair"is. Keeping the correct posture, you can move your body while sitting, so it is effective for dieting.

The Språng Chair - the perfect balance of movement & amp; comfort by Darren Mark - Kickstarter

You can check what kind of product the Språng Chair is from the following movie.

Office workers often work by sitting at the desk and often sit for as long as 10 hours a day.

But,Sitting for a long time will shorten the life as much as smokingIt is known from research that the risk of heart disease is said to increase by 125%.

Although sitting, posture gets worse and you can hurt your waist, but it was developed by saying "It's not a chair but a chair", you can correct your posture, comfortable, sitting But I can move my body "The Språng Chair".

When sitting on a chair, the sitting part is not horizontal, it tilts to a naname, so you can draw the right curve with the spine ......

Also, since it also moves to the left and right, you can eliminate the lack of exercise by moving the body like when you sit on a balance ball, but unlike the balance ball, the range of motion is restricted so it will not fall. Dear Sir Darren Mark who actually used The Språng Chair for 1 year seems to have lost weight because it can burn calories while sitting, so it will also be useful for dieting.

As the waist moves, you can soften the pelvis and improve blood circulation.

The position of the backrest can be adjusted.

Also, there is a coil in the cushion of the backrest.

Therefore, it is possible to massage by pressing back.

In fact when I sat around The Språng Chair, I was surprised with the expression of surprise.

In spite of confirmation behind me.

Children are playing happily.

In addition, the ball used in the ball has only one seam of the fabric, so it is excellent in durability.

There are two types of frame finish colors, Natural Blonde Birch and Walnut Brown, and the fabric of the cushion part can be selected from 4 colors of green, gray, black and red.

The seat height can be adjusted from 33 to 52 cm, the seat depth can be adjusted from 25.4 to 45.7 cm, the seat width is 47 cm. The width of the backrest is 39.3 cm, the upper limit of the weight is 136 kg.

The Språng Chair is currently seeking investment for commercialization, and when it leaves three days until the deadline, it is over $ 35,000 (about 3.6 million yen), which is the target amount, of $ 54,000 (about 5.6 million yen ) Are collected. You can get one Språng Chair of your favorite fabric color by finishing natural blonde birch if you contribute more than $ 350 (about 36 6400 yen), but this is limited by the number of people you can apply, There are 49 people. Also, walnut-brown finished The Språng Chair can get with a contribution of 425 dollars (about 44,200 yen), and the number of people who can apply also is 90 remaining.

The deadline is 2:14 AM on July 18, 2016 in Japan time.

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