Twitter's 6-second video application "Vine" seems to die

ByEsther Vargas

You can shoot and share a movie that is looped for 6 seconds "Vine"Is a video sharing service that Twitter purchased in October 2012. Although Vine's movies are being shared like mountains on Twitter, it is technological news site that such Vine is currently in a considerable crisis situationRecodeIt is clarified by the report of.

Vine is not growing and most of its top executives have left - Recode

Most of Vine 's products and business leaders have revealed that they have left the company in the past four months. According to Recode, former general manager of Vine, Mr. AF · Frank resigned from the top of engineer's top and business development department, top of user experience department, top of editorial department and even three product managers That's right. This large-scale resignation play is taking place almost at the same time as Hanna Donovan, a new general manager announced at the end of March 2016, assumed office. Twitter spokesperson commented to Recode "Vine is part of an important strategy for us."

The reason why a large number of talented people from Vine has come out is that Jason Toku, former general manager, resigned from Vine and Twitter in January 2016 and changed to Google. Twitter selects the person who should succeed Mr. Toff and places AF · Frank as temporary general manager from within Vine. But finally Twitter's CEO Jacques Doss has appointed Mr. Donovan as a general manager who brought it from outside Vine, and this personnel affair seems to have resulted in tremendous opposition from Vine's employees.

ByEsther Vargas

Vine forms a unique community different from Twitter and Facebook, and its power is amazing. Vine's community has creators who create creative 6-second videos called "Viners", and videos created by these people have great influence.

However, the number of Vine users has recently been shrinking. According to a source, Vine's community is still small, and the community is based on enthusiastic users. However, the popular Viners has taken over fans and switched to Vine's rival services such as Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and it seems that the number of users has already stopped increasing in the Vine community. According to data released by Vine in October 2015, about 200 million users per month are playing Vine movies.

In mid 2015, Vine had gained popularity to rank in top sales 100 of iOS applications in 12 countries or more, but it provides market data and analytical tools on applicationsApp AnnieAccording to the survey, Vine is ranked in Top Sales 100 at the time of article creation, it is known that only Grenada is the country. In addition, it seems that in the United States, it is always ranked in the top sales ranking 150th place in the iOS application ranking of the App Store, and ranked in the ranking of 300th place to Android.

Vine's number of users in the US as of the end of May 2015 was over 30 million as of the end of May 2015, but the number of users in the same period in 2016 is about 24 million and about 6 million has decreased . On the other hand, the rival service Snapchat is steadily growing the number of users, and as of May 2015, the number of users who were comparable in number has also increased more than doubled.

Because of poor performance over the past year, Twitter has appointed a new general manager from the outside, violating it and falling into the theme that the top talent who has been using the organization until now has resigned one after another. Under the new general manager, we will pay attention to the future trend of Vine, whether it will succeed in turning over the mindset or will it make a big difference in rival service as it is.

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