COSPA used a good office chair "Ergohuman Basic"

Almost chair is essential in desk work and tiredness is different depending on the performance of chair, so it is no exaggeration to say that selection of a chair is an important factor for improving work performance. There are editorial staff who currently had pain in the back about two people in the editorial department, and they used the same inexpensive chair. To change the chair that would be one cause of back pain,Osaka Furniture Osaka Nanko ShowroomAs a result,Ergohuman Basic"Because the chair that was comfortable to sit comfortably at a low price, I tried using it for several days after purchasing.

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Ergohuman Basic reached the editorial department with it in the box. Color can be selected from 12 types, this time ordered basic black one.

Once you open it ... ....

It is disassembled and contains the parts of the packed chair.

When I took the package, it contained parts of the chair, instruction manual and warranty card.

Follow the method of assembling the instruction manual, and assemble it at once.

First of all, install five PU casters with rollers on the caster spokes.

It is like this when five are installed.

In addition, insert a gas cylinder into the insertion mouth of the caster spokes.

When the gas cylinder is attached to the caster spokes, the base of the chair is completed for the moment.

Further in the hole of the chair seat ......

Fit the gas cylinder.

Then attach the armrest.

Fit the leg rest of the armrest in the direction aligned with the hole next to the chair seat.

The armrest needs to be secured by attaching a screw with a dedicated hex wrench.

Only then install the back of the chair.

The back of the chair looks like this. The model purchased this time does not have a headrest.

There is a square insertion port on the back of the chair ......

Insert firmly into the parts of the chair seat and let it joint.

Insert the screws further and secure with a hex wrench.

It is completed in about 10 minutes. In the instruction book we recommended to assemble with two or more adults.

Ergohuman Basic's armrest part can be moved inward and outward to the left and right.

It is also possible to adjust the height by pressing the button on the outside of the armrest.

Adjust the angle of locking · adjust the seat height · adjust the seat slide with the lever on the right chair seat.

Pull back and adjust the angle of locking.

When you pull it upward, you can adjust the seat height.

Pull the chair seat part with the lever in front, it is possible to slide forward.

Of course you can adjust the height of the chair seat part.

If you remove the silver backrest height adjustment lever ......

The height can be adjusted in 4 steps.

I sat down and decided to check the comfort.

Thanks to independent lumbar support, when you lean, your hips are firmly fixed, you can keep a natural curve on your back.

Thanks to the fabric mesh, body pressure is dispersed, even if you sit for a long time your butt etc is less tired and breathable so it is also excellent point not to steam. However, some people may not be accustomed to seating comfort as if they floated lightly at first.

If the elbow rests firmly on the armrest, you can also reduce fatigue when using a personal computer.

If you defeat the backrest, you can lean and lean back.

If you lean further deeply, you can take a nap. Even though it depends deeply, it seems that the burden of waist and posterior is considerably less than ordinary chair.

Although I tried using about three days after arrival, the burden of the butt was felt especially low, and I felt that the blood circulation did not become bad even if I sat for a long time. Because the back fits firmly to the backrest, it seems to be said that it is also superior that the burden is not applied to the shoulder and around the shoulder strap. Of course, there are individual differences in the feeling of use, so do not buy it by mail-order etc. suddenly, it seems better to try the feeling of use at the furniture store first.

The reference price of Ergohuman Ergo Human Basic Low Type EH - LAM F - BK (KMD - 31) purchased this time is 85,536 yen, Amazon can buy it at 50, 320 yen. Speaking of office chairs, Herman Miller's Aaron chair is known, but if it is new, it will exceed 100,000 yen. Ergo Human's office chair is cheaply suppressed in the price produced in China, so it is recommended because the burden on the body seems to be small. Office Chair Ergohuman Ergo Human Basic Low Type EH - LAM F - BK (KMD - 31): Home & amp; Kitchen

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