Jobs memorial image set at Apple headquarters turned out to be avant-garde modeling

Apple's founder and former CEOSteve JobsMr. left the world on October 5, 2011, but Apple is planning to set up a statue reminiscing Mr. Jobs within its headquarters. The work which remained in the final screening was released from among the works submitted to the public offering.

Steve Jobs statue unveiled ahead of installation at Apple's Cupertino HQ

Bista Steve Jobsa koja će krasiti sedište Applea u Cupertinu, premijerno otkrivena u Beogradu | Netokracija

Mr. Jobs' model of the bronze statue published here is here. The bust of Mr. Jobs is built on the pillar (pillar).

For pillars,CyrillicModeling with a motif ... ...

Numbers "0" and "1" are appended. Of course this consists of 0 and 1Binary data(Binary data) is a motif.

This bronze statue,SerbiaIt was created by Mr. Dragan Radenovic who is a resident living sculptor and was chosen from more than 10,000 entries submitted to the contest by Apple's publicly invited Jobs statue. According to Radenovic, "Apple's management team has evaluated" incompleteness "of this work, as opposed to the work centered on computers other than me. This statue is a prototype model created for screening and will be sent to the Apple headquarters in California in the future and final review will be done.

After Mr. Jobs' death, there are several models made about Mr. Jobs. It was produced with gratitude to Mr. Jobs,Statue placed in HungaryYa

Jobs figures on one sixth scaleAre being produced ......

Plush toy that looks like himself / herselfIt is also being produced.

this,Figures based on the presentation of iPhoneWhen……

A figure reminiscent of a ninjaHad been producingM.I.C. GadgetThere was also an event that discontinued sales by protest from Apple.

When the bronze statue is completed, it will be about 3 to 5 meters in height, and will be installed in Cupertino's Apple headquarters, but the location and timing is yet to be determined. AppleA spacecraft type new buildingWe are planning construction around 2015, and will this work be released accordingly?

Steve Jobs was born in California on February 24, 1955. In October 2011, he died at the end of the fight against cancer.

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