"Two years Miso boiled can of" Marukome mackerel "taste review on the level that can be served for late dinner

Mackerel miso boiler can be obtained at low cost in convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. It is convenient because it can be eaten immediately after savings are received, but mostly "taste is reasonable". Meanwhile, from Marco of miso maker, "sticking to Miso" and "Mackerel", "a fragrant rich two-year miso carefully spent for two years" and a fresh Japanese domestic mackerel " "Marco mackerel miso boiled canSince it is being sold, I tried to eat it.

Mackerel miso boiled can set 5 can sets | Marukome mail order

Marukome 'Saba miso boiled can' package looks something like this.

"Mine Mihara Kura natural brewing 2 years Miso"use.

By aging for two years in the natural warehouse, it is said that you are using fine miso which created a deep flavor and rich flavor.

Raw materials are mackerel, miso, sugar, sake, mirin, paste, seasoning and simple composition, ginger which is well contained in miso miso boiled in is not included.

Open lid of easy-to-open pull-top type.

Mackerel is in a mild dish rather than boiled down.

Because mackerels are packed tightly in cans, care must be taken to remove them without breaking themselves.

The fillet is quite big, the biggest thing can not be eaten by a single adult man.

It is one of the advantages of canned food that can be eaten as it is, so taste first without adding anything. Although the seasoning is simple, there is a firm feeling, and despite the fact that ginger is not contained, the smell of the mackerel did not do much. Miso 's rich flavor stands out even though it is cold, and it feels like it is finished in a different thing from general miso - can.

Every part of the bone was cooked so softly that it melted in the mouth and bone did not get caught in the back of the throat when eating.

Mackerel is using domestic ones, a feeling of mouthfeel that leaves much greasiness near the skin. The body around the spine in the middle is a stuffy texture, and the taste stains firmly.

Even if it is cold it will not cause any problems, but try heating it in a microwave oven since it will be more delicious if you eat it with warming.

White onions and shiitto are prepared for garnish.

Slice the white onions thinly ... ...

Shiratori will bake until the brown in the frying pan without dropping the lid and pulling oil.

With everything settled down like this, I do not think it is canned.

I will prepare other white rice.

When eating a mouth, the miso boiled canned mackerel of warm Marukome is comparable to that which came out at a set menu restaurant. Because odor eliminating ginger is not contained, the scent of goat stands out when eating with white onion and gives a different impression.

Since there is no mistake with rice, it is likely to become a side dish for dinner. If you warm it you will notice that it is canned, unless you tell it because the flavor will be much better.

The shipper of the mouthfelt texture made from broth has just been baked, but it becomes a chopstick breakage that moist and taste impregnated.

Thick thick fillets are used, but as bones are so soft that they do not get stuck like baked like a steak.

Although Marco's "Saba miso boiled can" is gentle seasoned, the taste of miso firmly stands firmly for two years, it is a finish that can not be thought of as canned and if you stock it you can easily have dinner or alcohol It is likely to be delighted as a gift. In addition, the price in Marukome mail order is 5 can sets is 1780 yen including tax.

Mackerel miso boiled can set 5 can sets | Marukome mail order

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