The theme song movie "The Bobsled Song" of the popular Bobsleigh · Jamaican representative with "Famicom Wind" video

movies"Cool runningJamaica's Bobsleigh national team, known for becoming a model of "Recruit funds for participating in Sochi · Olympics worldwide using cloud fundingSuccessfully succeeded in acquiring more funds than expected, on Saturday, February 17, 2014, they successfully participated in the Bobsled competition (boys and boys) and attracted a hot topic. The theme song created for the Bobsleigh Jamaican national team is released on YouTube, and it has been popular all over the world such as being played more than one million times in a week.

Jamaica Tourist Board - The Bobsled Song

"The Bobsled Song", The 2014 Winter Olympics Jamaican Bobsled Team Theme Song That Syncs to the Track

Jamaican representative theme song "The Bobsled SongWritten by the musicianSydney MillsWith Mr.John NotterIt is Mr., production is music company'sGroove GuildIt is in charge and it seems that considerable fighting comes in. That should be that, I asked for productionJamaican government tourism officeSo, in order to support the Bobsleigh team, we had a nationally backed up posture.

Here is the theme song movie "8-bit Famicom Wind" theme song movie by Norinori on a reggae rhythm that tastes like Jamaica.

The Bobsled Song - YouTube

Jamaican representative to start. Bobsled sleigh is the flag of Jamaica.

The picture matching this rhythmic music is like this NES Nintendo Movie.

Movement that can not be the actual bobsleigh that the pilot dances left and right in the sleigh.

Combinations are also perfect.

The course reflected on the left of the screen faithfully reproduces the Sochi · Olympic stage.

It seems that the driving scenery is made according to the actual sliding time.

The state of real driving is like this, exactly "F1 on ice".

"The IT'S BOBSLED TIME (Bobsleigh's Time!)" Is a very impressive phrase, so it's attentive because it is "addictive".

The representative team of other countries is also a noroli.

The actual picture seen from the sleigh. Considering from the structure of the building on the upper right, it seems that he is running on a wall nearly vertical.

Come in the middle of the course ......

It rushes into the section where the highest speed appears.

As usual Norinori.

People who cheer for it are also norinori.

Dolphins also jump.

My home country Jamaica is a tropical country that does not snow such as snow.

Following the dolphins ... ...

Hatchocha who jumps to sleigh.

Cheering on the beach.

Cuba RiverA toast.

Taiko is also rhythmical.

The sun is also Sunsang ...... Or, it's the winter Olympic Games ... ...

Again the image is Sochi.

Finally the last corner.

A beautiful lady and a man. Who! Is it?



The Bobsled SongBOBSLEDSONG.COMYou can download at.

"It's finally a big stage, Bobsled (two-seater) is from 11:15 am February 16 (EST)" and was a movie produced by the Tourism Bureau seeking support from Jamaica representatives.

The Bobsleigh · Jamaica national team will use the cloud funding siteWanted at IndiegogoWe succeeded in getting more than $ 55,000 (about 5.5 million yen), but other donations gathered from all over the world one after another, and Winston Watts said "We have not donated any more because money has gathered too much Developing into an unusual situation that opens a press conference with "!

In addition, we were hit by the incident that we forgot helmets and suits and other equipment at the airport on the way to Sochi, Russia, so we decided to welcome the actual stage with lack of practice. Whether it sounded or not, the result ended 30th and 30th of the 30 pairs, but it delivered love, courage, excitement and a little laughter all over the world.

Although the Bobsleigh Jamaica national team can not stop thinking that he will continue to challenge in the future, Watts is the fastest human being and the hero of his native country for further success in the dream stageUsain · BoltInvitation toUnder planning... apparently ...

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