"Sightsmap" showing sightseeing spots that are being shot all over the world by heat map

More than 15,000 places in the world are ranked according to "the number of photographs shot", and the map which displayed more bright colors as the more pictures and darker colors are fewer "Sightsmap"is. In addition to displaying pictures on the map, not only are popular spots marked, but you can use Street View, gather information with Wikipedia, read articles on Google +, and take a virtual trip You can enjoy not only enjoying it but also serving as preparation for actual trip.


Sightsmap is a free photo sharing site "Panoramio"The map is colored like a thermography with the number of pictures posted on the map, and the more the number of pictures, the more the" hot place "is displayed in bright colors, whereas the place with few photos is dark It is displayed in color. Looking at Europe and the United States, the color of Europe is bright overall, and the feeling that North and South America are bright in places.

When I tried to zoom the map using the zooming tool on the left side of the screen, it was a bright color overall but the color distribution became clear.

Looking at the area in the southern part of the UK, it seems that the places where the photos are taken are gathered in one place.

Where are the photos taken frequently? As I thought, London was popular after all. Looking at pop-ups, the world ranking is ranked 15th, and among the areas shown on the map it is ranked 1st.

As you further zoom, you will see lots of pictures taken in London on the screen.

As you click on a small photo icon, you can watch pictures freely, so you can enjoy it enough as a virtual world trip ....

Sightsmap can actually set a route of travel, it can also be used as a preview of travel. First, click on the place you want to start as a start point and display the "S" marker on the map.

Whether you are going to use the car to go around the city or go on foot.

Set time to use for one sightseeing.

Then set how many highlights are displayed on the map.

You can also choose the type of marker.

When "recommend" is pushed at the upper left of the screen, we will automatically draw out the route that can go around the popular spot. The popular spots are color-coded by markers, the brighter the color, the higher the evaluation spot, which is WikipediaFoursquare·Google PlacesIt is based on the information of the data. BelowPiccadilly CircusRecommended route centered around.

You can change the starting point and conditions freely and display the route. Clicking markers in various places will be added more and more as a place you want to go.

Click "show" in the upper left of the screen ... ...

With this feeling you can check the list of places registered as "want to go". If you think that you do not have enough time, physically think that it is impossible to move, you can delete the place from here.

The place where the marker is marked is a picture on Panoramio, Street View, Wikipedia,Wikivoyage, Foursquare, articles on Google +, etc. It is also useful for gathering detailed information on the place you care about.

Since there is also a search column in the upper right corner of the screen, it is also possible to search for a specific place. Enter "La tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)" in the search field and click "go".

In the neighborhood of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France, the number of pictures was still large, and the map was bright.

further,Tokyo SightsmapYou can also display Tokyo only.

Tokyo is characterized by bright places of color being dispersed here and there. There were many photos of Tokyo Tower.

Around Shinjuku

This is the area around Asakusa.

Next time I will look at North America.

New York is displaying a picture with a tremendous density.

In the popular spotNew York Public LibraryDiscovered.

Times Square.

Night view of Manhattan.

Popular in Barcelona, ​​Spain is still unfinished cathedralSagrada Familia.

There are many pictures.

In addition, completionScheduled to be in 2026is.

Italy seems to have more photos in the central and northern parts than in the southern part.

The city with many pictures in the northern part is Florence.

Not only sightseeing photos but also the everyday pictures taken by people in the area are mixed, so there are times when I feel unexpectedly warm.

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