Tweet on Twitter to display location information on Google Maps "TwitterMap"

If you set "Add location information to Tweet" on Twitter, you can follow the location where you tweeted, but the service that gathers tweets with location information and displays them with the tweet content on Google Maps "TwitterMap"is.


Like this, you will see tweets tweeted with location information on Google Maps.

Since you are using Google Maps, you can also change the map to aerial view.

Tweets are displayed with a profile icon, so it is obvious if you know tweets.

Apart from TwitterMap, there is a service to display location information on Google Maps before, even if we send position information, it is only plotted somewhere around 10,000 square meters around,StructureThere seems to have been some things, but TwitterMap seems to have no explanation about that. The following is TwitterMap's official Twitter account, but tweets are not made in particular.

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